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Re: Subscription not found

I'd be interested to know the outcome of this also @michaelkenward and @DarrenDev .

Keep us in the loop please.



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Re: Subscription not found

Following your leads, I have tracked down what happened.Without those clues< I would still be post.

Sadly, none of the messages I received from the BT system provided any useful details, starting with those anonymous error codes.

The error messages that I posted did not say something helpful like "Already assigned to a different address".

On examining the account details I saw that, as well as the main BT address that I have always used to manage BT accounts, the TV account was also associated with another email address, one that I have never used for either of my two BT accounts.

It turned out that they had different email addresses. (I wonder if that happened because back in the distant past I had to set up that sort of access to manage two different BT accounts. )

The email address for the TV account was not the same as the one for the other account.

Now I have to work out how to rationalise the arrangement.

Thanks you your guidance I now understand what is happening.

If only BT's error messages had provided useful feedback. Or, in the case of the error codes, said something, anything.

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Re: Subscription not found

To be fair, the TV app doesn't know that another BT ID is assigned to your account - all it knows is the BT ID you used isn't assigned to an account (as account holder).
If you want to remove the service from the email address you don't use, just let me know. You'll then be able to claim it properly on the one you do use.
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