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Network engineer in the SN10 area?


apologies if this goes against the forum rules, but I'd like to ask the ones in the know if they know a reliable network engineer in the SN10 area who would be able to lay cat6 cable around the house as we had enough of unreliable WIFI

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Re: Network engineer in the SN10 area?

Look on Checkatrade or on Yellow Pages, as posting recommendations here, would be against forum rules.

I am surprised you cannot get decent wireless coverage. A third party wireless mesh, like the TP Link Deco series, should provide coverage unless you have thick stone walls. If you have fibre 900, then cabling is going to be the only answer if you want full speed. Bear in mind that the BT Discs are not going to be very helpful, and can actually slow things down.

Running network cabling can be expensive and disruptive, and you still have the problem with wireless connected devices. You also have to consider the extra cost and power requirements of a network switch at some point in the network.

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Re: Network engineer in the SN10 area?

thank you for your feedback.

I do have BT 900 and would like to have something that gives me reliable speeds throughout the house, especially a stable ping ideally below 10ms (jitter close to O). I have an old gaming router that has served us well with WIFI speeds up to 700Mbps, but other WIFI networks around the house are creeping in and disrupting the latency, hence the idea of cable. There are no doubts that I will be laying cables throughout the house and of course some disruption is expected.

I will leave all my devices (IoT) fed with a 2.4Ghz connection. I have a reliable Draytek that helps with that. Our lounge cabinet with a large TV and other devices are already fed via cat and a managed switch