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BT TV via Draytek 2860 Router

Hello, I'm trying to connect my BT TV Box via  a Draytek 2860 Router, it works fine with iPlayer and similar, but fails on live streaming tv.  I have enabled IGMP in the Draytek settings as advised, but still no luck.

I noticed from an earlier posting, a suggestion was advised, but this link comes up with an error saying I don't have permission (or similar).

The post link is:-

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.


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Re: BT TV via Draytek 2860 Router

I keep getting the same problem .

I also got the same message when trying to log in to BT community when resetting my password .

I created a new account finally got to the link again and couldn't read the post !!

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Re: BT TV via Draytek 2860 Router

@westfieldwanderer and @Raymondinio1 That thread has been archived as it was quite old and didn't have many recent views.

The poster's advice was as follows.

I have a Draytek 2860 router and had the now famous IPC6023 error. but I have fixed it: See below:

Go to APPLICATIONS then click con IGMP and then make sure you ENABLE IGMP Proxy. Make sure the box is ticked. Then, click on OK.



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Re: BT TV via Draytek 2860 Router

Thanks Neil 

I was just looking for hints to help ,I'd actually already done this last year on my Draytek 2862ac , when I connected my home hub up back up it worked fine did a reset on the TV box then reconnected the Draytek then it would work for a few months .

I've not had any Bt channels through the Bt pro box for 3 months now ,I haven't changed anything & today it started working ??

Unfortunately the Home hub doesn't integrate  with all my Draytek access points & switches .

Double unfortunately I can't watch BT sport directly through my new LG TV  without the TV box or from my phone to TV.

Big thank you for just popping the details up it has reassured me I did things correctly.

Huge thanks again


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Re: BT TV via Draytek 2860 Router



Many thanks for the advice, I already have the IGMP enabled, but still I can't access streaming TV on my BT TV Box.

On the Draytek Router, the IGMP only applies to the WAN1-4 connection, whereas the broadband connection is on the VDSL Port of the router, would this therefore require a different configuration ?

Any further advice greatly appreciated.


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