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17 months of Hell


I do hope that someone is able to help me, I’ve been subject to 17 months of hell with broadband connection. 

BT and Openreach seriously need to talk to one another and stop using the customer as a go between. 

I’ve been experiencing random ‘dropouts’ within my property where the internet will literally die for hours on end. 30-40 engineer visits later and countless disagreements between BT and Openreach (September last year Openreach told BT it was a profile error and it required a cease and re-provide) as speed into the property was stable (about 27mbps - however wired devices showing 700kbps).

BT initiated the cease and re-provide in June and we’ve been with out internet ever since, they’re left scratching their head once again, blaming all sorts and not finding solutions.

As the customer, I’m at Whitt’s end as I’m now being redirected to a BT wholesale holding page, and BT nor Openreach can get me out of.

I’m either being redirected to: or /index.html  

Please Help…   

Kind Regards 


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Re: 17 months of Hell

This is a provision issue that BT has to sort out, it has nothing to do with Openreach. Hopefully a mod will drop in and sort this out for you.

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Re: 17 months of Hell

Thank you @pippincp @appreciate your input, BT are sending Openreach today.

I’ve told them it appears to be a profile build problem.

wrong speed setup / IP / BAS settings etc. BT are sure it’s Openreach and an issue with the equipment.

I don’t understand why they’re not able to compute and identify that there’s a problem 

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Re: 17 months of Hell

Let us know the outcome of the visit.

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Re: 17 months of Hell

Do you have FTTC?

If so the way to tell if it’s an issue at Openreach or BT Wholesale/Consumers end is the Openreach Engineer can contact his/her Engineering Helpdesk and they can do something called a ‘CTH Test’. 

That is where Openreach can emulate a working PPPoE Session of the owning CP, in your case BT Consumer.

If the test passes then that proves the fault onto the BT Wholesale/Consumer Backhaul Network.

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Re: 17 months of Hell

Hi @terryhoward18, welcome to the forum and sorry that this is taking so long to resolve. I've sent you a Private Message so you can get in touch with the Mod team and if the engineer does not resolve this for you we will be able to help you.


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Re: 17 months of Hell

Thanks @Starwire yes this is fibre to the cabinet.

We’re copper into the property there after.

appreciate your comment, and I’ll definitely revert to the engineer.

kind regards 


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Re: 17 months of Hell

The engineer rocked up 4 hours late.

wife’s gone out. 

No access strike placed on our account 


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Re: 17 months of Hell


Ensure you reply to @JohnC2's message if you want this sorted.

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Re: 17 months of Hell

I have done, thanks.

However it’s been another frustrating day dealing with the issue.

Another 2 hours on the phone to BT, turns out that the account has no broadband assignment, therefore, another engineer booking isn’t a simple task.

The Executive Team have to book one (on a different system) (you couldn’t make this stuff up).

Just received another call, from the Executive Team, and as I stated to them on Friday, it appears to be a problem with the build, needs to be redone and will take a minimum of 5 working days.

Absolute joke.
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