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Apps not working on BT TV

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Since we returned the box a couple of days ago we noticed the apps are not working. The only one is the only one that works is Netflix..even the help button on the end of the row doesn't work.  Any we click says loading then goes straight back to the main screen.

We have unplugged it for a while, we've tried restarting using button on the back, we've unplugged it from internet and rebooted our modem but it's still not working.

We haven't had the box very long.. possibly SEP/Oct time but it's been a pain since we got it..often not starting..or it shows the programme info but screen stays black until we have to restart it from the button on the back.

Checked all wiring and such and everything seems ok.  Model Humax DTRT4000.

We've also reset the software via maintenance mode , updated it's system but still none work? 

Thanks in advance

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Re: Apps not working on BT TV

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Hi @rodleydragons, thanks for posting, and sorry you're having a problem with your BT TV box.

Try a Factory Reset with first keeping your recordings and see if that works. If not then do the reset which will remove your recordings. 

Let us know how you get on.




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Re: Apps not working on BT TV

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Thanks for that, took us several attempts to get the box to the factory reset stage but managed in the end.
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