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BT Cannot cancel my account

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I moved from BT to Plusnet in September but BT cannot or will not close my account. I have spoken numerous times to them but despite repeated promises the account remains open. There was one person who kept her promise to call me back but has subsequently gone quiet. All other promises to call back are never kept. A bill is due tomorrow and I have no doubt BT will try to take the money but I have cancelled the direct debit.

I am trying here to get an effective response from BT.

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Re: BT Cannot cancel my account

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@pgh1949 welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry your BT account has not been cancelled after moving to Plusnet. We'll be happy to help you get this sorted and I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can send over your detail.

You'll get the private message by clicking on the envelope in the top right of the community website.



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