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BT Cloud Backup Stalled

Hello There,

I have been using BT Cloud Desktop App for some time.  when I recently logged in to the Web Portal, I noticed that only a portion of my files were there.  I restored the portal to fresh install and selected a folder to backup, still the same issue after around 50-60GB of data.  Please can you help me resolve this issue as the 1TB cloud storage was a big reason for me selecting BT as a provider and currently it is useless.  Many Thanks!

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Re: BT Cloud Backup Stalled

Hi @dazedwards, welcome to the forum, and sorry you're having a problem with the Cloud service.

Please check you are on the Latest Version if you are using Windows?


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Re: BT Cloud Backup Stalled

Hi John,


Thanks for the reply.  I am using the latest production version of the software.

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Re: BT Cloud Backup Stalled

Hi @dazedwards 

I wonder if your problem with the backup process is related to my issue trying to Activate my Cloud account, posted in this board.

@JohnC2 can you see any possible connection?


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Re: BT Cloud Backup Stalled

Hi @dazedwards @JohnC2 

Another very similar issue here

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Re: BT Cloud Backup Stalled

Hello Again,


Is there a formal way of requesting support for BT Cloud.  I still have the same issue and cannot use BT Cloud as a Backup or Sync soluton.  Thanks.

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Re: BT Cloud Backup Stalled

@mhoam & @dazedwards I'm really sorry to see you're having problems with your BT Cloud backup. Have you spoken to our help team about this yet? 

If it's a complex issue they will organise a call back to you from Cloud specialists. If you need any help organising this please post back and let us know.



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Re: BT Cloud Backup Stalled

Hi @NeilO 

Thanks for your offer but sadly I’ve given up on the BT Cloud product. After initial problems getting it activated, resolved with the help of @PaddyB and @JohnC2, I managed to get the photos (around 3k images) from my iPhone and iPad to sync successfully.

However, whilst the music from my Win10 PC uploaded eventually, both the iOS apps ( iPhone and iPad) just freeze when I try to access the music😡

As a long term Dropbox user I was looking forward to the great storage on offer with BT Cloud, but the product is clumsy, slow and kills the battery when syncing. It is NOT a patch on Dropbox so I’ve given up on it. 

Sorry but there you go!



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Re: BT Cloud Backup Stalled

Thanks Neil,

As a photographer, I cannot have a weak link as part of my workflow.  I have reverted to using Microsoft until BT can tell me that they have a stable and working product.  Not working entirely is one thing, but backing up only 40-50% of your files without an error message is really going to hurt a business or an individual if they experience a hard drive failure or similar.

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