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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Having same problem as everyone else. Mine shows old and new versions in programme files. If I try and delete the old it says BT cloud is running and to close the programme which i am unable to do as it is not running. Same problem on laptop as well.

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Re: BT Cloud update not working

Good point made there about malware. I'm going to put a comment on their Facebook page. Lets try the scattergun approach !!!
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Re: BT Cloud Update. Today 1.12.20. Unable to access account via Desktop shortcut.

Likewise ... REALLY annoying

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BT Cloud App for Windows laptop

My BT Cloud App has stopped working.  It seemed to coincide with an update.  This is odd because several months ago during lockdown, I managed to use the App to upload some family videos.  I have tried resinstalling without success.  Any ideas and what has happened to the App?

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Same here, went through update process, nothing happened except it has removed the old version & now can't get in at all. Have sent a tweet to BT to see if they respond! And I've pointed out it is NOT my pc. Usual reply they send is to DM them....

Usual **bleep** up on their part.

Bombard them with complaints, it's the only way they'll take notice.

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Hi I've applied the BT cloud update 20.6.1 and like everyone else that has replied. My laptop dashboard doesn't work now.

In task manager what I have noticed is that the BT cloud task is showing as a 32 bit application. My laptop and probably everyone else's runs 64 bit processes. I think this could be all/part of the problem. Hopefully BT is looking into this.

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Re: BT Cloud Upadte - Come On BT Tell US What You Are Doing - Shambles

Same here. The update seems to be installed but I cant see whether files are being backed up as they are saved.. All I have is a grey tick in a cloud which says "all files synced".. but what about backup? It was so easy with the previous version, the little green tick blinked out then back on again. I dont sem to have the dashboard any more, all I can see is the local folders selected for backup. Shambles indeed.

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Re: BT Cloud - after latest update cannot access dashboard

Sadly, this does not apply to me.  I have no small icon, the desktop icon is inoperative as is the one in the start menu.  Apparently BT are looking into this known fault

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start


I'm having similar problems though I can access some files. While I was accessing BT Cloud, I received a message that BT Cloud had to update. I also followed all the instructions but then got a message that an error had occurred and the application would be paused. When trying to sync, I get the message 'BT Cloud. An error occurred, the application cannot continue and will be paused'. While I can access some files, accessing them is hit and miss. Sometimes they are shown in the app window, sometimes not, coming up with 'Photos and Video error' and/or 'Music error'

I have 700+ GB storage remaining so this should not be a problem. This upgrade is a disaster, especially when my main laptop is away for repair and all my backups are on BT Cloud. 

BT please give us some answers as why this is happening and sort it!

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Re: BT Cloud Won't Start

Can I add my voice to this fiasco.  Since being updated, my access to BT Cloud wont start.  Un-installed and installed several time but makes no difference.  There was always a link via 'This PC' which has now disappeared too.

Please BT get this sorted out ASAP


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