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BT Cloud app

Hi does anyone have any issues with BT Cloud app?

These days it just seems to sync by it self even if you dont want it to, and you cant stop it...

it seems very temperamental which is a shame... 

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Re: BT Cloud app

I agree that it is temperamental - it keeps closing and I am constantly having to start from the beginning with logging in (no autofill available) and backing up manually.  The sync takes a long time to get there before I have to start again next time as it has closed itself again.

The App on the PC and laptop is as unreliable - it keeps logging out and regularly tells me that I am not eligible for the service before righting itself some time later.  The only solution I have found is patience!

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Re: BT Cloud app

Yep. Will not let me log in says I am ineligible.

BT seem to be really screwing things up as of late. Really surprised that my email is actually working today.



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