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BT Cloud keeps breaking and losing data. How do I fix it?

Hi all,

I've been a user / victim of BT Cloud for several years and I keep having problems with it.

I'm so fed up with it.

The basic problem is that it silently just stops working. No warning. It just stops backing my files up. I generally have to uninstall, reinstall and reconfigure to get it working again.

But it will generally only be a matter of days before it breaks again.

I am on the latest version and indeed have upgraded several times in the years I've been having this problem.

What happens is it seems to get to one file, it backs it up, and then just stops. When I check if the file has been backed up, the Windows client says it has, but the file is nowhere to be found in the backup store.

It's like there's a handshake problem between client and cloud, that the client has sent the file but the cloud hasn't acknowledged it, so it just stops.

When I uninstall it and reinstall it, it will try and back the same file up again.

Amazingly, BT says it is unaware of any issues with BT Cloud.

I find that amazing, given all the complaints about BT Cloud I see in this community.

But anyone, does anybody know how to fix my problem, i.e. how to get it to back up my files without silently stopping every couple of days?


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Re: BT Cloud keeps breaking and losing data. How do I fix it?

Enable logging and take a look at the log file (In c:\users\<username>\AppData\Local\BTCloud-Data\Logs. If your problem is similar to mine you will find entries indicating server errors. The client backs off & tries again but never seems to get a positive response. I tried calling BT but got nowhere (Basically said they couldn't do anything!), so had to raise a complaint.


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Re: BT Cloud keeps breaking and losing data. How do I fix it?

Yes I also had to raise a complaint. I think complaints just wash over BT because every time I raise a complaint they tell me they are unaware of any issues with BT Cloud and it's just me.

Frustrating. All the complaints here and they still think nobody has any issues with it.

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