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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Hi Neil

Unfortunately 3 spam messages of the same type still came through this morning. I forwarded them on to investigations.

Best reagrds


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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Hi, @CharlesFosterKane Sorry about that, I'll update the case I have with our email team. I can't see a private message reply from you, did you send over your BT account and email details the other day?



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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Hi Neil

All account details sent now via private message reply - Thanks

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

got the same problem ... way too much very obvious spam coming through. I'm getting multiple spam each day and getting really tedious blocking / ignoring each one. Its really obvious spam... don't know why the filters can't identify it. I've disabled image download, never clicked to unsubscribe yet it still arrives. I get 0 spam come through at work (not BT provided) , yet BT personal account is riddled with it.

Sorry, but this is not what I'm expecting from BT at the prices being charged for 'premium' broadband services. Fix would sincerely be appreciated. 

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Its of absolutely no consolation to you I'm sure, but I get no spam at all on my BTinternet mail address that I have had for over 25 years.


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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Sorry, but this made me laugh out loud. No spam for 25 years. Brilliant. Please take over my account!!!

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Interestingly, I have been getting quite a bit of spam on a hotmail account though.

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Looking back on this thread I find it interesting that some of us get the spam mail whilst others don't. Yet we seem to be applying the same filters I would guess. Searching on this site I came across a post from Keith Beddoe which said:

"If you do not subscribe to any mailing lists, then there is a solution which used to work on BT Yahoo, and should work with BT Mail. It relies on the fact that spam mail is not actually addressed to you, but your e-mail address simply appears on a large BCC list.

The instuctions are on this page.

You can also add exceptions for any mailing lists.

You could also direct the filter to point to a different folder."

Unfortunately this link does not seem to work any more. Does Keith or anyone else know if this approach is available somewhere else via an updated link?

Apologies to Keith for putting him on the spot somewhat!

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

Sorry I don't have an answer but I'm getting about 5 a day despite blocking sender and domain!!  Its extremely frustrating.  They're from

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Re: BT Mail Spam Rules

As I have just posted in another similar thread, I am getting more than that on a daily basis now.  The latest batch are now coming from the following address format:


Unfortunately, because there is a random string of characters after the @ symbol, blocking the domain doesn't help as it's different every time.  So I've had to set up yet another new filter to block anything coming from email addresses ending

I appreciate that this is not an easy problem to solve, but it is becoming increasingly tiresome having to set up my own filters as BT's are just not up to the job at the moment.

Interestingly, if I forget to check my webmail before opening my email client (Outlook), more often than not, these ones that are getting though BT's spam filters ARE being recognised by Outlook and getting diverted to the spam folder in the email client.

So perhaps BT needs to get some advice from Microsoft as whatever rules they are applying within Outlook are currently more effective than BT's own ones. 

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