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BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi

I am thinking of buying BT Premium Whole Home Wi-fi and have a few questions

1) I understand that the first disc must be wired to the BT Home Hub, can this wired connection be via an Ethernet hub as a have an Ethernet hub wired to my BT Home Hub and the Ethernet hub is some distance to my BT Home Hub?

2) I have an old BT home home hub configured as a wireless repeater. This old BT Home hub has a wired connection to my broadband router. Can I connect the first disc to my old BT home home hub that is configured as a wireless repeater or does it have to be a direct wire?

Many thanks 


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Re: BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi

Hi @billythefish1969, welcome to the community and thanks for posting, the setup guidance advises that it should be connected directly to your router via ethernet but that's not to say that it wouldn't work in the way you have described. There may be another community member who has a similar set up who will post but if not I'd recommend getting in touch with the Whole Home wifi support team to get a definitive answer.

By email:

If your product is out of warranty, please call the Technical Help and Support Desk on 0808 100 6116


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Re: BT Premium Whole Home Wi-Fi

Please don’t buy this at the moment. It is full of bugs and falsely advertised promises. Just look at the forum posts and lack of commitment from BT on addressing this. 

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