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Broadband Speed Slow

A year ago my Broadband download speed was constantly above 65 Mbps. I have a Draytek Modem and Netgear Orbi Router and Satellite which is still the same. In the last 6 months or so my download speed has hovered around the 43 Mbps guaranteed minimum and often below 40Mbps. The last week its been 39Mbps. When I run a test through MyBT in order to report it I always get a 'Sorry we are unable to test your speed' and this has happened for months so I guess its because I am not using a BT Router?

I regularly test my speed using the BT Wholesale Test site and today I get Ping 74ms  Download 39.62Mbps Upload 15.73Mbps. I am really getting fed up with paying for something I am not getting and am seriously thinking of going to Sky or Virgin.

Anyone have similar issues and have an answer?



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Re: Broadband Speed Slow

Just to add to the above I get the below results

Image 09-12-2020 at 09.07.jpegImage 09-12-2020 at 09.45.jpg

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Re: Broadband Speed Slow

Have you connected a ( preferably wired not cordless ) phone into the test port of the master socket and checked for noise ( 17070 and quiet line option ) ?

Have you still got your BT supplied router, perhaps you can reconnect that into the master test port and post the connection statistics, the image you have posted for the predicted speeds is poor ( well I cannot read it anyway ) can you repost it at a better resolution, if it’s you do remember to remove your phone number 

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Re: Broadband Speed Slow

Image 09-12-2020 at 09.46.jpgImage 09-12-2020 at 09.46.jpgI have checked the quiet line and its perfect. I dont have my old router am afraid. will repost the screenshot

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Re: Broadband Speed Slow

I still have problems reading the dslchecker when I magnify it just blurs

can you post stats from the draytek modem

moving to SKY will make no difference as they use the same connection to your home however virgin is totally different connection

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Re: Broadband Speed Slow

Is this better?

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Re: Broadband Speed Slow

Much better. Now can you post the connection stats from the draytek.

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Re: Broadband Speed Slow

Ok reposted stats but not sure how to get them from my Draytek 130 Modem.

I think the advantage with Sky may be that they will help me get the correct speed without the threat of £80 charge if no fault found.


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Re: Broadband Speed Slow


You need to edit both your last posts to remove your phone number, as this is a public forum which can be viewed worldwide and you are likely to receive a lot of spam calls.

Its also against forum rules to post personal details.

BT Retail do not charge if no fault is found. You also get free visits to fix any speed issues, provided you report them right away.

You have to be below your guaranteed minimum connection (not download) speed, to request a visit.

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Re: Broadband Speed Slow

Thanks for the advice Edited version:


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