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Bt Sport

Hi All,

This evening I tried to login on my laptop to watch the champions league game and everytime I clicked watch I got a message saying I need to upgrade my account. It wouldn't let me do anything once clicking the upgrade button. I have tried everything, including paying off my bill. Still not letting me view! 


I have now purchased the £25 monthly pass which has let me watch the games but have now spent extra to view something I should already be able to view! 

Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a way for me to get refunded?

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Re: Bt Sport

What type of subscription do you have @aaronsands11 ?

Have you used it before, either on the web site or with any of our apps?

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Re: Bt Sport

I have had the BT Sport HD pack for over a year now and havnt had this issue before. I only use it on my laptop on the BT website.

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Re: Bt Sport

Did you use the same BT ID to buy the new monthly pass?
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Re: Bt Sport

Yes! Whenever the website checks my ID it says I have access to bt sport and a link to watch but it just repeats itself with the upgrade to watch. 


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Re: Bt Sport

You mentioned that you had paid off your bill in an attempt to fix the issue. If your account was in arrears and suspended then it takes manual intervention to resume it.
I'm afraid your best course of action would be to give the help desk a call and see what is possible.
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