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CPR Call Blocker on Smart Hub 2


I recently moved to FTTP and opted for the Digital Voice phone.  This turned out to be a BIG mistake because BT's Call Protect is pretty useless without a wildcard facility.

Has anyone tried using one of these in the "analogue" phone socket on the rear of the Smart Hub 2?
CPR call blocker V108

It's a self-powered device that obtains its power from the phone line and has a massive range of wildcard options to block calls.



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Re: CPR Call Blocker on Smart Hub 2

you need to remove your amazon link as not permitted on forum

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Re: CPR Call Blocker on Smart Hub 2


You would be better off with a call blocking phone like the BT4600, otherwise you will be forever blocking numbers, as they change all of the time.

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Re: CPR Call Blocker on Smart Hub 2

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Re: CPR Call Blocker on Smart Hub 2

I looked at the BT4600 earlier but wasn't keen on way it handles blocked calls.  

To answer my own question, which may be useful for someone else, I took the chance and plugged the external line-powered call blocker into the socket on the Smart Hub 2 and plugged my old BT 6500 (which only has Call Type & specific number blocking) into the blocker and it seems to be working ok. I'll see how it goes for a few days before I de-register the digital phone 🙂

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Re: CPR Call Blocker on Smart Hub 2

Thanks for clarifying this.  I have a CPR V10000 that is fantastic at blocking calls and was also concerned about losing this great bit of kit.

I suspect it has do with the physical phone port at the back of the Smart hub having to supply power in order for an older handset that is connected via the port to work, which BT say they do support.  Without the power supply from the SH2 they wouldn't work.

This means in our case we have an Advanced Digital handset paired via the SM2 for general use and can still plug in the large amplified phone system (with separate power supply) that we need into the hub and maintain this.  So I see no reason why the CPR can't also be plugged in to the SH2 and the amplified set into the CPR.

That's the only saving grace given that we'll be losing emergency calling (we have little to no mobile signal here with frequent power cuts).


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Re: CPR Call Blocker on Smart Hub 2

I've got a similar setup. I've muted the ring tone on the digital phone so unwanted calls don't disturb me and I have the old analogue phone connected through the call blocker.  

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Re: CPR Call Blocker on Smart Hub 2

Just an update on this in case anyone else is interested.

This is my setup:

1)  Large amplified telephone which is connected directly into the back of the Smart Hub 2 using the telephone port.

2)  We have a separate Panasonic DECT base station that serves multiple handsets around the house.  For this we use the BT Digital Adaptor that plugs into the mains socket.  The CPR Call Blocker V10000 is plugged into the BT adaptor and the Panasonic Base Station is plugged into the CPR Call Blocker V10000.

3) In addition, we have a BT Advanced Digital Handset that is paired directly with the Smart Hub 2 via the Smart Hub 2 built-in DECT.

By some miracle, everything works perfectly and I have to say that the LCD display on the CPR Call Blocker is much more improved than when it was running off the old copper wires via the phone sockets.  SO that is a bonus as I can actually read the display.






 I have the CPR Call Blocker V10000 actual

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Re: CPR Call Blocker on Smart Hub 2


I have the V5000 version of the CPR plugged into a BT DV adaptor with a DECT  (BT6500) phone conected to the Call Blocker. I can make calls, dial tone etc. , but my phone does not ring now. The  display on the CPR is still visible but the buttons do nothing, even though there are over 200 numbers on the list. When I take the CPR call blocker out of the loop, phone rings as normal. 

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Re: CPR Call Blocker on Smart Hub 2


Are you sure that caller display is enabled on your Digital Voice service, as its not enabled by default?

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