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Cant get BT sport ultimate

Hello, wondering if anyone can help me. We recently upgraded our broadband to the full fibre 900, after many months and many problems its finally been set up and working. When the upgrade was done for some reason they changed our TV packages despite us only upgrading the broadband side and were repeatedly told even though it said our TV package was changing, nothing was actually happening to it. Fast forward to now, things did change and despite our best efforts to rectify things so we could watch the BT sport ultimate channel, we have been told you dont do this anymore and we have to watch it on the app instead of the channel on the 4k youview box. 

We are on the big sport package with Now tv boost, an extra subscription for a second box and paying £5 per month for HD, which prior to our "upgrade" said it included 4k, but cant seem to see it anywhere now and when we go onto the ultimate channel it says we need to add it to our package.

Is the TV channel still a thing? If so I cant see why we arent able to watch it. Wondering if anyone can shed light on this for me please, thank you 

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Re: Cant get BT sport ultimate

Do you have the NowTV HD Boost or HD add on for BT Sport?? They're two separate things.

NowTV Boost will give 1080p on NowTV and the BT Sport HD/Ultimate bolt on will upgrade BT Sport.

Technically they're £5 each but you can get them both for £5 through MyBT. You have to order both.

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Re: Cant get BT sport ultimate

Hello, thanks for the reply. We have the BT HD £5 add on (£5.22) but it says our now TV boost is HD too. Seems as though we are paying the £5 BT HD add on but not getting the 4k aspect of it for some reason 

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Re: Cant get BT sport ultimate

Hi @Hannahmet,

I am sorry for the confusion over this. I'd like to look over your account and find out what has gone wrong and see if I can get the channel back for you. I'll also check the charges for you.

I've sent you a private message that you can reply back to.


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Re: Cant get BT sport ultimate

I changed my BT Sport package to add Sky Sports last year and lost the ability to watch BT Sport Ultimate through my BT TV box. I called BT's technical help line who told me that the inability to watch BT Sport Ultimate was down to my guaranteed download speed not being good enough (even though it was working fine before I added Sky Sports).

The BT techy worked out what to do and after a change on their side the BT Sport Ultimate channel became available again.

Fast forward to yesterday and I called BT to remove the Sky Sports package - which they did. Later in the day I decided that this was a mistake so re-added the Sky Sports package online. All worked fine apart from, guess what, BT Sport Ultimate is no longer available even though all BT Sport and Sky Sport HD channels are working OK.

I call BT and explain that this has happened before and could they fix it.

Yet again I was told about the minimum guaranteed download requirement and that they couldn't guarantee that my connection was OK for 4K despite BT Sport Ultimate working fine before alongside 4K content from Netflix, Amazon and Disney. I also reminded him that the problem was fixed when it happened the first time.

I have just received a call from BT's techy section and to my amazement there's now nothing they can do. I've lost the ability to use BT Sport Ultimate from my latest and greatest BT TV box but can still access 4K content using the BT TV app on my Samsung TVs.

Talk about being useless.

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