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Experts...please can you help?

Hi all

I am hoping you can help. Quite an unusual one this..

We are moving home, to rural Scotland. A house we are interested in has "10mbps" broadband...😯

When I did a postcode search it said between 6-14mbps. 

Speed isn't crucial for us, but stability and reliability of connection is..nature of work means we need to be connected permanently during the working da

Is there any way I can get some info on connection quality/performance etc?

Can anyone offer some wise words to help please?

Thank you 

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Re: Experts...please can you help?

Hi @andrew197 welcome to the community and thanks for posting. I'm afraid there's no way for us to check that in advance,  could you speak to the previous occupants or estate agent to get any info on how they found it? 

BT Broadband will favour stability over speed and dynamic line management works in the background to try and keep the connection from dropping out. 



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Re: Experts...please can you help?

Thank you for the reply.

The sellers use the internet when they want/need to, and haven't had any problems apparently..but needing to be connected permanently (or as close to) is different to using it as and when.

It's a difficult one as we are in Dorset and the property is in Scotland! 

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Re: Experts...please can you help?

If an internet connection is unstable or unreliable it is because there is a fault on the line, it is not a normal condition and should be repairable. Unfortunately, some faults are harder to diagnose and fix than others if you are unlucky enough to have a line with an ongoing fault.

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