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FIbre 900 Upgrade not gone through

So i have done the upgrade from Fibre 500 to Fibre 900, processed on the 30th December according to the order tracker. However my speeds haven't changed at all, i use a deco M9 Plus and the speed to the router and the smart hub 2 is pegged between 470-520mb download and 66mb upload, identical to the fibre 500 package.


I have contacted support who have told me the fibre 900 package has been applied successfully and supposedly they did a test to the smart hub 2 showing 928mb download, cant be true as when i plug directly into the ONT i still get 500mb down.

Anybody experienced this themselves?



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Re: FIbre 900 Upgrade not gone through

What do you get if you connect via ethernet directly to the ONT.

You'll need to set up a PPoE connection on you PC/Laptop.

User name

Password BT

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Re: FIbre 900 Upgrade not gone through

I seem to still get my old speeds, the laptop i lugged in isnt the best but download around 500 and upload stays at 65mb
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Re: FIbre 900 Upgrade not gone through

Hi @Jayd95 and welcome to our community.

Sorry for the late reply. Take a look at our community manager @SeanD post at Full Fibre from BT - Your questions answered in particular 

'Why does my device not show the full speeds when testing over wireless?

As broadband speeds get faster some devices are unable to utilise the full speeds over the Wi-Fi network. When the speeds exceed what the device's capabilities are then a few factors come into play regarding Wi-Fi speeds such as, but not limited to, the amount of antennae your device e.g. phone/tablet/laptop has, the number of local devices connected to the hub and the number of neighbouring networks in the area.  Some older devices are limited in terms of the maximum Wi-Fi speed they can handle, this is also true for some newer devices.  Some devices will struggle to reach the full 900MB + speed available on BT’s Full Fibre 900 plan'

I hope that helps.



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