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FTTP 900- BT own Speed test a lie?

I am on FTTP 900, when connecting directly to the ONT with my MacBook with 1 GIG net port I can get a max of 200-300mb download. 

If I did the same via Virgin Media, I was getting 500mb download on 500mb VM Package, so I know met network can handle it.

Only speediest that shows 900mb or anything close to 900mb is the BT Speed Test. The BT Speed test shows it connects to my exchange. So is the speed test between my house and the Exchange? What if the Exchange is over subscribed?

I have written a complaint to BT and now looking to gather views of others.


NOTE: I have test by plugging my 1gig port MacBook into the ONT and them via the Hub via ethernet. I have tried on different computers one of my Mac mini has a 10gig Port.

How comes every other speed-test is consistent around 250-300 and the only one showing speeds of 900+ is BT? Dedicated servers etc all hitting 200-300mb tops.

Anyone else is similar position?

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Re: FTTP 900- BT own Speed test a lie?

No, I don't have the problem that you do. It sounds like your download speed is not right. I get the full 900 Mbps on and

Not here to gloat! Actually came on to say that the BT Wholesale speed tester is a bit nutty.

See this thread and you'll see what I mean. (My post is message 7 on that thread).

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Re: FTTP 900- BT own Speed test a lie?

Also, I would not go as far as saying that the BT Wholesale speed tester is lying at this point. I know I said it was nutty in my previous post, but it was suggested that this may be down to us testing on Macs. I was unable to check on a Windows computer to confirm that it was a Mac issue.

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Re: FTTP 900- BT own Speed test a lie?

Thanks for sharing. I don't understand how it'll be a Mac issue. When I take my MacBook into the office I get over 1000mb download speeds on a leased line. So the MacBook can handle it.

Just don't understand what is going on with BT, thought I'd have a Mod reply or a call back from BT complaints by now.

Becoming very challenging to work from home with all this.
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Re: FTTP 900- BT own Speed test a lie?

No, I mean the inaccurate speed results from the BT Wholesale tester might be a Mac issue.

The actual gigabit speeds, my Macbook handles fine.

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Re: FTTP 900- BT own Speed test a lie?

200 to 300 sound low and is below the minimum specified by BT which is around 450.. Try an alternative speed tester if not already like fast or ookla at different times of the day. Have you tried powering off the ONT, disconnecting the SH2, powering the ONT back on and only then connecting to the smart hub.

if that doesn’t help call the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787

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Re: FTTP 900- BT own Speed test a lie?

Check if the Speedtest you are running is single threaded or multi thread.  Often you get lower speeds on a single thread speed test.  I think the Ookla one has the option to choose which type of test.  I have seen reports before of fairly poor single threaded performance over Openreach FTTP network.

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