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FTTP 900 Installation

Hello, BT FTTP 900 is now in my area! However, on the BT Upgrade section, there is only options for Fibre 150mb, and not 900, whilst not logged in, there is an option for fibre 900. Would it be best just to call, to enquire about 900?


I currently have my bt router upstairs, from the wall socket, using a 25m cat6e cable, would this be something I can still continue to do with FTTP installed?



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Re: FTTP 900 Installation

Phone the FTTP TEAM 08005874787 and see what they can offer you.

It will depend where the engineer put the ONT. does not have to be near the existing master socket so maybe you could get engineer to install ONT in a more suitable situation for you

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Re: FTTP 900 Installation

Hi @arjanvirdi and thanks for posting.

If you're not able to place the order online then your best bet would be to give the fibre guys a call on the umber @imjolly has posted. They should be able to clear things up for you. Let me know how you get on.



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Re: FTTP 900 Installation

The new fibre ONT has an ethernet WAN port on it to connect to the bt hub, so yes you should be able to plug you current cat6 cable into the ont and then the other end into WAN port on the hub upstairs.


I am assuming that you have a separate modem at the phone socket rather than  using the cat6 cable to carry the phone signal.

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