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When they’re referring to the ID I can only assume they’re talking about the CBT. For some reason they have random letters like, CBBZFKN.

Either it’s been routed wrong and the SASA the CBT your line is supposed to be on is somewhere else entirely and or when they’ve put it in they’ve just labelled it wrong.

To be honest what’s written on the CBT is irrelevant, as long as it goes back to the SASA and Head End Port the OGEA Circuit is Built Off then it doesn’t matter.

To confirm it’s on the correct SASA all they need to do is put the Light Metre on and then get the Helpdesk to Turn Off the Light, of the light reading on there Metre drops to LO it means they’re on the right Head End Port and SASA.

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Iv had a call today from Openreach to arrange for the engineer to come back and complete the work so I’m guessing what ever the issue was has been fixed (or at least I hope so).

@Starwire all I know is he had some random letters for our house and he couldn’t find the box that matches it. He found the box in the end but said if he installed it, it wouldn’t connect and he has to get the ID changed.

our box was supposed to be DYP he used something on his phone to find where our box was supposed to be. 

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