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FTTP Speeds

5 Days in and speeds are no where near what I should be getting.  Also the speed test is never consistent.  I have yet to get anywhere near the sure fast guarantee.

On Fibre900

This morning 52 down 50 up a few minutes later another test 372 down and 108 up.

Engineer from openreach has been out and side the fibre connection is fine that it is a BT issue.  Waiting for BT to get back to me.


Anyone else issues with FTTP speeds?

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Re: FTTP Speeds

try using forum search  there are other posts

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Re: FTTP Speeds

I know you are trying to keep the forum cleaner.  Had already seen other threads but sometimes you don't get a reply in other threads.

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Re: FTTP Speeds

@moving123Really, have you tried posting in the other thread given by @imjolly ?

It is not a matter of trying to keep the forum cleaner but that your question may be already answered there.

As the engineer stated it appears to be a BT issue, have you tried a direct ethernet connection to the ONT?

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Re: FTTP Speeds

I haven't tried a direct connection.  Can do that now. 

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Re: FTTP Speeds

Don't forget,you'll need to set up a PPPoE connection in the PC/Laptop.

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Re: FTTP Speeds

Do you not agree we shouldn't be trouble shooting on behalf of BT?  Specially when it comes to their Premier package.  I would by no means be an expert but I understand the network and set up but what about someone who doesn't. 


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Re: FTTP Speeds

BT Phoned me today and said there may have been an issue.  After they told me there was no issue.  They asked me to switch off the hub and the ont for 5 mins and said to check the speeds after.  They are going to call me again tomorrow about the results.


Speed test wired is still 375 down 100 up

Speedtest wireless has dropped significantly 45down and  65 up

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