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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

Hi @Mrsutton 

Thanks for your post and welcome back!

I'm sorry that you have had to spend so much of your time on the phone trying to get this resolved.  I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

from the dslchecker results you posted there is no fibre connections available to you  FTTPoD is something different and intended for business due to costs

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

Post an image from the checker for a neighbours property that does have FTTP and an indication of the proximity to your house , if your area is served by overhead means, a property that is served from exactly the same pole as your home would be ideal.

Is there anything out of the ordinary about your address , quite often , if FTTP is physically available but you are unable to get a provider to take an order , it’s because of an error with the address information in Openreach address database ( which is based on Post Office /Royal Mail data)  but the issue is that to get the address info updated/corrected is usually done by your provider contacting Openreach but without  you being a customer of a provider , then getting a provider to do this without any commitment from you could be tricky....if only slow ADSL shows as available but you are convinced FTTP is available, ordering ADSL , then ( once the address is sorted ) upgrading may be the way you have to consider proceeding.

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

Sure, so do I need to find there phone number ? Or can I just insert there address in the same website I did earlier ? 

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

Here is a link to the screenshot with the info for the property nearby which has fiber installed

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

Perhaps because you don't have isp the btwholsale checker may not have updated their database for your address in awhile? i may be wrong so i don't want to give false hope.



Hopefully FTTP comes to your address in the near future.

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

Thank you to everybody who has looked or taken the time to reply, Ive called the Fibre Team who have basically told me to contact open reach, open reach are not answering calls at this time, so I am back to square one.

Is there a team or service that BT would provide where they charge me to install the fibre from effectly where it is now, outside my property to my house ?

Any numbers to open reach or a team that will actually help would be appreciated.

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

You can use this form to contact Openreach. 

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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

I am having exactly the same issue. Neighbours can order it, some cannot. We’re on a small road and I watched the cables being installed outside my house. I simply can’t order. Openreach haven’t been much help. An Engineer who was installing for my Neighbour said it’s all here but there seems to be issues with the Openreach System. I just sit here in hope that someone fixes the system so that I can order.... one day perhaps.
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Re: Fiber install, help needed!!!!!!

@RapidxukAre you a BT ustomer already? If so enter your phone number in the DSL checker and post the result. 

If not a BT customer use the address checker.

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