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Have no choice but to give up on using BT cloud

Continually says files are synced though only 70% have been. Instructions to try and fix way too complex. Just wanted it to work. Bomph bomph  bomph-no fiddle faddle.

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Re: Have no choice but to give up on using BT cloud

I'm with you on that. Last week I added several files to a backed up folder. Even though I was told that all files were synced the new ones were not present in the cloud. I tried several things, some found in the forum & some of my own choosing, including deleting everything from the cloud, uninstalling the client, and reconfiguring from scratch. I added folders one by one with the smallest first, but when it came to one of my larger folders things stalled.

I found a forum entry for Client version 21.8.9, so decided to give that a go, especially as it made it easier to set logging (No documentation on how to do it in previous versions). At first it seemed to be working OK as files were being transferred. Then it stopped for several hours.  Looking at the log files there were many entries that seemed to indicate that the cloud server was unavailable. As far as I know my Internet link was OK as I was accessing it for other things (like trying to get solutions to my problems!).

I am using Windows 7 Professional. I have been able to backup folders using the MS Onedrive client without any problems (Yes I know it will be unsupported soon).

I have far too many man hours and machine hours on this. I would have thought that running continuously for nearly 48 hours would have been enough.

I haven't tried talking to anyone from BT as it seems there isn't any official documented line of support. To be honest I can't be bothered with spending the extra time.



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