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Help activating BT Cloud!

When I log into MyBT, go to Your Products and scroll down I can click on Manage for the BT Cloud tile, as I activated it ages ago.


When I click on Manage it says 

Your BT Cloud Usage

Your current storage limit is: 1000GB    0.0GB/1000GB

If I click on "BT Cloud in your browser" though it says I don't have a BT Cloud account associated with this BTID... but seemingly no way to associate it.11

When I try and log in via the IOS mobile app it gives an error of "We're having trouble connecting to BT Cloud"

I tried the help links but they don't help, go round in circles and unless i want to sit on a phone queue I seem stuck now! 

Any ideas?!

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Re: Help activating BT Cloud!

Hi @apone2000 welcome to the forum and sorry you can't access the BT Cloud service. Please check that you are using the BT ID and account holder status has been claimed
If that has been done ok then check that you do not have multiple accounts on your BT ID. If you do you can change the account number by selecting the drop down beside the account number.

Let us know how you get on.




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Re: Help activating BT Cloud!

Hi @JohnC2 

Thanks for the quick reply, its definitely the primary BTID, I can manage everything else from there, bills, email addresses etc.


I do have an old mobile account ID still on there, but definitely using the broadband account when clicking on products, when I go to the second account it just shows the mobile is now ceased etc.





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Re: Help activating BT Cloud!

Hi @apone2000 thanks for taking the time to check those things for me. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and we'll be happy to help you with this.



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