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Re: Hybrid Connect red flashing bars



Only realised I had this problem earlier this afternoon as my HC is in the spare room upstairs (trying to get a better signal from EE network. I see that around the 12th December several people seemed to get the problem fixed but I still have the problem. I have three flashing signal bars but the BT Homehub app is telling me the HC is READY and I have a good 2 bar signal.


My Hub firmware is v0.30.01.08093-BT and the HC  firmware is v0.14.01.202107230100-BT.  I tried the procedure to do a factory reset on the HC and force a firmware update and it seemed to do something i.e. I gad the white light on the HC but it did not go to blue until I did a manual restart, after which the problem was exactly as before.

Assuming there was some firmware update on the 12th can somebody confirm what their working firmware versions are on their hub and their HC ?

If versions are similar then any suggestions for how to fix this problem ?

Many thanks


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Re: Hybrid Connect red flashing bars

firmware version:v0.30.01.08093-BT

Happy to post here, especially if it helps anyone else.
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Re: Hybrid Connect red flashing bars

Glad I've found this thread as I thought it was just me. Back in Oct I "upgraded" to this unbreakable service as part of changing my viewing package from the other well known three letter company. Kit arrived promptly, I was already using a smart2, hooked up the hybrid via ethernet into understairs cupboard. On the morning of the home expert visit the broadband dropped out leaving both units flashing. He reset the hybrid and it connected to 4g, so all was good for many hours till the broadband came back on. My broadband does occasionally drop out for a few minutes, more of a nuisance than a show stopper. Fast forward a couple of months and the broadband drops out, after about ten mins, checked both units, just flashing. I connected my TV to my phone's hotspot to watch the rest of the film. After approx an hour, broadband came back on. Checking the hub logs I saw listed that and many other resilience events all with 0data. Christmas morning awoke to find no broadband since 04:50 according to hub. Spent some time moving the hybrid around the house on a long ethernet cable all with similar results, even connected up the "new" smart2 in case that would make any difference, it didn't but a little later at 10:35 broadband came back on. That's the back story, both units have the same version of firmwares as posted by others. My hub reports the hybrid connect has good signal and is ready. The hybrid has been hard reset as per Paddy's instructions many times. Currently the hybrid is in the front room window via a wifi connection and I've forced a couple of events by unplugging the modem cable from the hub to see the results, which interestingly enough is the red flashing approx 25times then single blue flashing anything from 10-19 times, back to red and so on. EE is our preferred mobile network and we don't seem to have any connectivity issues with them. I emailed into BT on the 25th and have a VOL reference, hopefully I may hear back from them next week.  


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Re: Hybrid Connect red flashing bars

Thought I'd throw in an interim update. Was contacted on Sunday (2nd) very pleasant interaction was even willing to send me a replacement hybrid which I declined, as I had a theory to offer up. There was a bit of being on hold while internal conversations were going on, upshot being it needed someone higher up's input which wouldn't happen till the 5th. On the 5th got a message saying that my case was being reviewed, since then all quite on the BT front. Meanwhile I've continued playing with the units including several forced events, you know just in-case its been fixed at their end. I will chase on Monday afternoon, as after all it is back to business as usual.

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Re: Hybrid Connect red flashing bars

Hi @faffing , have you heard anything more about this? I've got the same problem.

I plugged in my Hybrid Connect when it arrived after we upgraded our service to Halo3+ and it went from blue bars to red and flashing signal after an automatic reboot. After I ran through troubleshooting the first time, BT sent out a new Hybrid Connect. 

Today I installed a new Smart Hub 2 as the old one kept rebooting on a daily (sometimes multiple times daily) basis. I plugged the new Hybrid Connect into the new Smart Hub 2, and for me the sequence of events was:

Install Hybrid Connect -> Get solid 2 bars or better of blue signal -> Rebooted itself -> Still solid blue signal -> A second reboot/firmware update (I assume) -> Flashing red signal.

My Hub says that the Hybrid Connect has good signal and is ready, but I'm pretty sure if my internet goes down it's not going to pick up the slack. From what I read this sounds identical to what happened at your end, so before I speak to BT again tomorrow I'd love to know if you got anything back from them.

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Re: Hybrid Connect red flashing bars

The latest I have is from Monday (10th). It would seem I no longer had a hybrid associated with my account, steps were made to rectify this with a 48hr requirement to get it up and running. Well its now Friday and that hasn't worked. Meanwhile I've reset hybrid a few more times and rebooted the hub, even left BB disconnected for a couple of four hour periods to see if that would force hybrid to spring into life but no.
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Re: Hybrid Connect red flashing bars

Thanks Faffing,

I've contacted BT again this morning and they've escalated me to the specialist team that has been set up to deal with these issues. I'll keep you posted.

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Re: Hybrid Connect red flashing bars

There is a bit more to my saga but I'm holding off posting about it until after they get back to me. Looking forward to reading about your resolve though.

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Re: Hybrid Connect red flashing bars

While I'm still waiting for them to come back to me, I thought I'd investigate further myself. So I took the BT sim out of the hybrid and tried it in my iPad, no service. Then I took my EE sim from one of my phones and put it in the hybrid, low and behold blue bars. Going one step further I pulled the modem cable from the hub and approx 2-2.5mins later bars turned white hub is on solid purple and I'm on line via hybrid writing this. So if anybody that can fix things at BT's end is monitoring, pm me and I'll give you the original sim details for looking into at your end. 

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Re: Hybrid Connect red flashing bars

That makes sense, I'm assuming it's done kind of harsher authentication regime being applied following a firmware update. 

I sent the technical logs from our router last night and a screenshot showing the SIM ID and other information, so hopefully that will allow the technical team looking into this to resolve the issue.

Thank you for the update.

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