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Internet Dropouts

I am just trying to get a feel for what is reasonable before contacting BT.

A few months ago I upgraded from VDSL/HomeHub 5 to 2. The previous set up was rock solid. However, over the last month (just as an example) my broadband has disconnected/reconnected 20 times. The shortest period between episodes was just over an hour and the longest was about four days. Apart from the change to and the installation of the SmartHub and a new faceplate (which was done by a Openreach engineer) nothing has changed, so I don't think it can be related to the internal wiring (the quiet line test is completely silent).

Could it be a problem with the SmartHub, or could it be related to the fact that we are apparently 373 metres from the cabinet or something else altogether? Obviously none of the BT guarantees applies as I do get the minimum promised speed and it does always reconnect. I cannot help feeling that there should also be a "stability" guarantee!

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Re: Internet Dropouts

Upto January this year, I was using my original BT white modem (that came with the HH3) and my Netgear WNR4300 and my connection was rock solid. I used to reboot my router once every 200+ days.

In January, I suddenly started experiencing frequent disconnects like every 6 hours. I didnt have a replacement modemto test if that or the NG had gone faulty. BT had sent me a new HH6 on renewal about 18 months ago so decided to just do a straight swap out for the modem \ NG router.

Since then, the longest Ive had a stable connection has been 70 days with a dropped connection on average every 30 - 35 days.

A few days ago after I saw I had a connection for 70 days, my connection suddenly dropped. Less than a week later and my connection has just dropped again aparrently because there was 'no carrier' according to the Hub's log.

Im not sure why my connection has become unstable sinceJanuary but after a good 5 years of no problems with fibre, it's a bit strange the connection has become unstable despite switching equipment.

The cynic in me thinks the appearance of a new additional street cabinet last week , a new contract and dropped connection might be a little more than co incidental.

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Work on existing street cabinet?

Is there any way I can find out what work has been done on 'my' current street cabinet? Ive noticed there's a new, additional street cabinet appears next to the one Im on in the last week.

After years of stable connection via firbe, Im starting to experience frequent disconnects despite changing from the old white BT modem and WNR4300 router to the Home Hub 6.

There's no line noise, Im plugged into the same main BT socket as I have been for the last 6 or so years and there's no extension wiring etc, etc.

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Re: Work on existing street cabinet?

There's no way to find that out. I don't think what you've described in another thread is frequent disconnects.

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Re: Work on existing street cabinet?

Screenshot from 2020-06-07 00:22:38.png

When you've had stable connections for 6+ months then since the turn of the year start getting disconnects after less than 12 hours, a couple of days and 30+ days etc, they are what I call frequent disconnects.

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