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Lag spikes and high latency

I currently have the bt smart hub 2 and have been using it for at-least a couple of years now . At first things were great with only a few issues . But recently the hub has been an absolute nightmare Xbox games are unplayable with constant lag and high ping. So frustrating when trying to play with friends. We’ve been sent 2 mini hubs when complained in the past . Had a engineer out who I thought had fixed the problem with replacing a street cable and a few features in our house but still no good . I really have had enough with it . I just want it to be fixed and be able to play without lagging every 10 seconds . Is there anything anyone can do to help ? .  

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Re: Lag spikes and high latency

Ask BT to post out a replacement router you might have a knackered router 

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Re: Lag spikes and high latency

It’s best to do some checks first to see what’s going on which you can do to see why you have issues.

Is this one particular game or is it all games across-the-board on your Xbox?

Are you using a wired connection or WiFi?

What is your network requirements ie. What other devices are using the internet and do you notice issues only when others are using the internet at the same time?

Have you tried PingPlotter with a PC or MAC wired to the router to see if that hints at the issues. There is a free version and it’s very easy to use.


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