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Re: Land line number

Thanks Community for your advice and support. Unfortunately my problem has not been sorted despite receiving a call and an email message from bT on Wednesday to say it was.

I am part of a large and mostly elderly family. Yesterday we received a letter to tell us that 10 days previously my wife’s sister had collapsed at home and had subsequently been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had only a few weeks. The family were unable to contact us by phone because BT had lost our number. I also have serious health problems. My care team have been unable to contact me on 3 occasions in the past 2 weeks because my mobile signal is unreliable. Two questions for BT: why is my problem so technically difficult to fix and when as an organisation did it become so careless and uncaring. 

Sorry to dump all this on the community but your my only platform. I fear that Ofcom will be a long process and I will now need to get some more urgent intervention.

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Re: Land line number

Hi @VOLVO940,

Thank you for posting. I can see that my colleague @RobbieMac is dealing with your case and he'll be in touch with you today. 



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Re: Land line number


did you get a free DV phone when you moved to BT and digital voice?

is your existing phone connected to the phone socket on back of the BT SH2?

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Re: Land line number

Yet again BT failed to deliver on its promise that my land line number would be restored. This means no random Christmas calls from our large and dispersed family this year. 

Happy Christmas all and humbug careless, uncaring, disgraceful BT