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Lost number

I connected with BT phone and broadband on 25 Oct 21. All was good, connection and phone number coming across from old provider.

Then in Nov the fun began. I received a letter and an email thanking me for my new order of digital voice. It mentioned that the switch would be completed by the 17 Nov, and that my phone would go off for a while but would be up and running by midnight on the 17th. The phone went off, however it never came back on.

I contacted the online chat and was told that my phone number never came across from my old provider. So the following day I called customer services and was told that the order would be resubmitted but would take approximately 1week and I would receive a call back. On receiving the callback I had been without a landline for 15-16 days. During the callback I was told my old number was unretrievable. I explained this was unacceptable and the reasons why. I also explained that I was using my number that came across after the switch had been completed.  Another order was placed to get my number back, but again this would take some days to complete and again I would receive a callback. I was given a temporary number and my phone was up and running. Each team an order was placed I would receive emails, letter and txt messages, telling me about digital voice, the request for my previous number to be reinstated and when it would take place. In this instance 24 Dec. On the 24th the phone goes off again and low and behold it hasn’t came back on. I received the callback on the 29th and was told there was a technical issue and the whole process would have to start again and I’ll be up and running on the 5 Jan 22. Same text messages and emails, again.

Enough is enough.

I raised a complaint, and the following day I was asked to contact them. Great customer services there. Again it was told my old number never came across. Again I explained the phone was fine and was using my old number for a couple of weeks before things went wrong. I also explained that my 1st bill had my old number on the bill. His response was, it was a mistake and I had never been billed with that number.

I then asked as to why my phone was still off? After some digging around he tells me the phone line must have a fault and an engineer will be out on the 5th Jan. He also tells me that it’s deemed my fault, there will a fee of £85.

Having come across this community hub, and looking at others in the same position and guidance given. I looked at my hub and seen that my temporary number is highlighted in Red!

I’m at my breaking point for something that isn’t my fault, but mainly because I get the feeling that BT, think  I’m an idiot and willing to accept their extremely poor excuses and customer services. So much so I have now raised it with the Ombudsman Service Communications.


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Re: Lost number

Did you request a changeover to BT Digital Voice, or were you not given any option?

If you requested it, then that may be an issue if your number was not owned by BT, as a new number would probably been needed.

The initial copper transfer from to BT from your old  provider may not have been an issue, but if you then requested BT Digital Voice, that "porting" information would have been lost, and you number would have been returned back to your original provider.

I am only suggesting that this may be the reason, but a moderator may be able to help,


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Re: Lost number

Hi @HelpmaBoab,

Welcome to the Community.

I am so sorry to read about the problems getting your number ported across to us. We can look into this for you and see if/how we can get the number back. It may involve another team who handle our Digital Voice number ports. I'll send you a private message so that we can pick this up for you over the next couple of working days. 


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Re: Lost number


Thanks for your response.

No, I did not request a change to DV. The first I knew of it was when a letter arrived.



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Re: Lost number


The engineer that was to come today and look at my phone in order to try and rectify why it isn’t working, didn’t arrive!

Once again I had to call BT. and After a quick chat as to the issue, I was put on hold for almost 15mins. I was then asked to try a factory reset on my hub. I refused this as my son works from home. Even though I received an email on 30 Dec, telling me “we’re all done, your new number is” and there was my old number. Now they telling me they are still working on connecting me with the temporary number they gave me.

I asked why the engineer never arrived? His reply, “there is no need for an engineer for this and it was a mistake”

Apparently he will call me back tonight.

What on Earth is going on with BT, incompetent doesn’t go far enough.



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