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Totally incompetent

Absolute fiasco of a company, totally incompetent does not even begin to describe it. We have had a BT line since we moved into our new home just over 4 years ago but never used it, only had it because they supplied the broadband to our new build, we had no choice on provider. We have recently decided to go elsewhere to get a better deal and gave notice. BT Retention phoned and offered us a deal to stay, it was more or less what we were going to get if we changed provider so to save any hassle as we already had their phone line, we decided to stay. Took a further 4 calls before they eventually did as they promised. Phone line lasted 2 days - day 3 no phone line so called them, spent around 30 minutes n the phone to them until they decided somebody else needed to look at it. Would take around 5 days but would be repaired by midnight on Monday. Tuesday morning still no phone so called again, only to be told that there was a fault recorded on the line!! Well we hadn't worked that one out! We will send an engineer tomorrow as we have a cancellation, between 8am and 1pm. Well surprise surprise that time haas been and gone and we still do not have a working phone line 😞 If it were not for the fact that we still have the 2nd line that we hadn't cancelled we would not be able to contact anybody or keep a check on elderly relatives. It is costing us more to keep this line bt at least it is there which is one hell of a lot more than BT are. If you have a choice just DO NOT USE BT, they do not care, do not give a hoot and certainly do not keep their promises - diabolical service.

It is now 31st December and nothing has changed. We get told every day practically that the problem is resolved, we try it and nothing, no different. We were told 2 days ago that they had finally found the problem and it would be fixed within 24 hours as we had been waiting for so long. 24 hours later we got a call saying it would now take 4 days!! Every time we get a call they are 'so sorry' but 8 weeks later and nothing has changed. Sorry is not getting our phone working and if BT were that sorry they would have done something by now rather than just keep lying. Even the CEO ignores emails!!

Has anybody got any ideas on where we go from here because we cannot take any more of this from this totally incompetent company?

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Re: Not getting anywhere with digital voice setup

I hope that this is sorted out for you now but if it isn't please do not hold your breath on BT doing anything! We have been waiting 8 weeks now for them to repair a fault that they made and now they do not know what to do to repair it. We have been passed from pillar to post so many times and all they say is 'sorry'. Well sorry is not fixing our phone line 😞

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Re: Totally incompetent

Hi @totallyfedup1,

I am so sorry that your fault is ongoing for so long. I am also sorry to see that you haven't had word back from our Chairmain's team as of yet. If you contacted them recently, it may take them longer to reply than normal due to the holidays falling on the weekend and then the Bank Holidays afterwards.

In the meantime, I think it would be best if my team looked into this for you. We will do our best to find out what's happening. I've sent you a private message which shows how you can reach us here on the Community.


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