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MAC address filtering


I am trying to connect my HP printer to my BTHub6 after moving recently and it is unable to connect sue to " MAC address filtering". I have tried all the obvious turning off and on again of the printer and router but the same error exists. The printer is able to recognise the connection and accepts the password when I have put it in and it was able to connect to my old WiFi connection no problem before I moved only weeks ago!

When I have gone onto the Smart Hub manager and looked at other posts on forums it looks like Mac address filtering is NOT something that these routers are able to do so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: MAC address filtering

There are wi-fi access controls on the My BT phone app which can block devices based on their MAC. You can also look at the access control in the advanced settings of the Hub to see if any restrictions are set up. But this blocking has to be actively enabled so I don't see how this could be your issue.  You could try  pressing the factory reset pin hole button for 20s to reset the hub.

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