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When can i expect BT to release Macafee v4.10 for Mac

in order for Mac OS Big Sur to work using BT Security software  it requires Macafee v4.10 for Mac unfortunately BT is using v3.9 can you update us all please

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

I have the same problem.  I keep getting a request to allow BT to finish set up by granting access in Privacy and Security but that's not an option.  I have deleted and re-downloaded the software but it keeps happening. From reading this trail it seems that currently my Mac is totally vulnerable as the BT Virus Protect isn't the latest version.  Is this the case?  Not sure what to do as it feels way too risky to have no working protection.  Not at all impressed with BT here.  They are offering a product that doesn't work!  


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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

I have the exact same issue. Using the Mac firewall at the moment but not happy!😡

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

I have also updated my MacBook Pro to Big Sur.  I have been having an incredibly frustrating day trying to sort out the massive problems with the BT McAfee product which has left me very disappointed.   There is a problem with Firewall currently which McAfee are sorting.  However, despite having uninstalled and reinstalled the software several times the current version which BT is supplying is 4.9 and the McAfee website says that you need 4.10.   I have always felt that the McAfee product which BT supply is a sales pitch, and my reading of the independent reviews suggest that it is not perhaps the best out there anyway.  However, BT should be providing some online help for Mac users who constitute a solid proportion of their base and who are also more likely to use their premium fibre services.  It's worth looking at the McAfee website for help.   If not I suggest you raise a complaint with BT as it's part of the suite of services you are paying for and you should not be fobbed off with a third party.

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apple update ... bt mcaffee virus protection not upgraded by BT ,same problem as all posts about

hi all Mac users.... I would have thought BT would have been ahead of the game here,  I suppose then if not done soon another anti virus is needed.... I think a rebate regards compensation should be complimentary..... we will see

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

Thanks for your response.  I have now lodged an official complaint with BT so will be interested to see what they have to say.  If they don't quickly resolve, I will consider this breach of contract, and will leave BT and then source my own virus software.  Apparently they had plenty of notice this was coming but have done nothing to prepare.  There are a mountain of people complaining apparently.  Really not acceptable given all the online crime going on nowadays


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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

I am now really frustrated.  I have deleted BT Virus McAfee from my MacAir whilst I await to see if BT update to the version that is compatible with Big Sur - BUT ...... I am still getting the message asking me to allow BT to complete set up and then opens my Security and Privacy box.  It just keeps repeating even though I no longer have the software on my laptop.  Is anyone else having the same problem and if so, do you know what I need to do.  I have looked through everything, emptied my waste bin, rebooted but it is still happening!  VERY FRUSTRATED!

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

Same for me, have installed but installation pop ups still keep happening.

BT need to get this sorted quickly, although I doubt they monitor the forum.

Somebody in BT needs to have a word with the product manager who should have been aware of this and prevented it happening.

I currently have 2 open complaints and an email to the chairman, to which I got a response.

Google CEO BT. The more who email hopefully the quicker it will get resolved.

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

The pop up boxes still appearing - I have managed to resolve.  Googled it.  This is what it said - fingers crossed, I have now been online for 20 minutes and no pop up boxes:

Get Rid of Associated Files Through Library

Application resources—files which an app needs to function properly— can all be located within the Library folder on your hard drive. Unfortunately, after Mac OS X 10.7, Apple decided to hide this folder on your computer. So let's unlock it first.

First you'll need to open Finder, click on "Go" in the menu bar, hold down on the Alt/Option key to bring up the Library option, then click on it.

Inside of Library you'll see a clutter of folders, some of which contain the files relating to the app you deleted. Go inside of each folder and search for any files that are associated with your app. (You might also have to do this in the root Library folder at Macintosh HD.)

Warning: Deleting the wrong files from Library could potentially cause harm to your other apps (slow them down, wipe information, etc.), so make sure to be careful what you get rid of.

Since I had over 50 folders, it took me a bit of time to go through everything and find the files I wanted to delete. To save you some time, these are the folders I found associated files of deleted apps:

  • Application Support
  • Caches
  • Containers
  • Frameworks
  • Logs
  • Preferences
  • Saved Application State
  • WebKit

Below you can see some of the files that Samsung Kies left behind on my computer, including two framework files that I found in the Frameworks folder and three cache files that were inside of a Kies folder in Caches

I hope it works for you.

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

Hi Glenwood,

I found a BT Virus Protect uninstall programme in my Apps folder and ran that to remove the program.  It seemed to do the job pretty well.  The only references that to the program afterwards, were permissions in the Security & Privacy section of settings which I removed.  I'm now no longer getting the message to allow BT to complete set up.  However I am unable to find a link to download an updated version of BT Virus Protect for Mac Big Sur (I just keep going around in a loop and getting back to the same place on the BT website), which must be the BT 'hold' position.  I've seen other threads suggesting using a antivirus such as the free version of Sophos and a free version of Malwarebytes whilst awaiting BT.  I'm undecided whether to do this but it's dependant upon how long we have to wait for BT to get their act together.  Good luck!

Just saw your post where you'd resolved your problem.  Well done

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