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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

@craftycooky wrote:

@SeanD Hi, Yes all ok except for the green ticks. Just confused because it was stated on this thread that the firewall would not work until December. 

When clicking either the RT scan or Firewall a box pops up with options to turn off etc. cant remember if this happened before the upgrade.

Is there a way of checking they are actually working.



Hi @craftycooky,

Thank you for confirming.  I am sorry for the confusion caused by the inclusion of the tick against the Firewall.

I have raised this with our product owner and he has confirmed that the Firewall will not work until a further update is deployed by McAfee, we are hoping this kicks off early December, provided testing goes to plan. 

We have raised the question with McAfee as to why there is a green tick against the Firewall when we know this is not working and they have requested a couple of screenshots.

Would you mind providing a couple of screenshots, please?


  1.             A screenshot of McAfee ‘console Home screen’ along with ‘About box’.

    To open McAfee 'about box':

    1.             Click on McAfee icon at the top right of the menu bar
    2.             Click on ‘About McAfee xxxx’ from the menu
    3.             About box on screen will show the version details


We will share the screenshot with McAfee and hopefully get you an explanation as to why the software is showing a green tick against the firewall even though that this has been disabled in V4.10




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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect




Please see screenshots as requested. Have also included the screen I get when clicking on the RT Scan and Firewall.

Also in the list of devices protected the Mac is not showing, just shows another PC I have, I believe the Mac was in this list before.



Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 17.01.19.jpgScreenshot 2020-11-18 at 16.58.18.jpgScreenshot 2020-11-18 at 16.58.09.jpgScreenshot 2020-11-18 at 16.58.27.jpg

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

Same issue for me, finally managed to get to version .10 but now saying I need to grant full access - access is granted but it still complains that I haven't so I am uninstalling, I don't have time for this nonsense.

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

My sentiments entirely.

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

... I seem to have the opposite problem 😞  ... I have NOT updated to MacOS11 but my virus protect started to crash in the last couple of days.  On further investigation, it seems that when the software auto updates to 4.10 it crashes 😞

To keep things semi-protected I've reinstalled (version 4.9) and disabled auto update.

Are there known problems with Virus Protect 4.10 running on MacOS10 ?????????

When can I expect a fix ?????????????????????

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BT Virus Protect

My Bt Virus Protect has quit unexpectedly.  I tried to uninstall and reloaded, but when I launch the un-installer I get the same message i.e. quit unexpectedly.  I've done a system update on the Mac this week, so perhaps that is the problem?

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

I have the same problem and it seems to stem from the fact that the virus protect package is not the latest version of McAfee.  McAfee have released a Big Sur compliant product but I don't think it has found its way to BT.  BT needs to resolve this quickly as its part of the package we've bought.

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

Sorry to contradict you, but V4.10 is meant to be their Big Sur compliant version save that the Firewall issue has not been resolved.  I checked McAfee's website this morning and they say "We are sorry, but Firewall is currently not available on macOS Big Sur. We are working as fast as we can to fix this."

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

Interesting.  Question is how do you uninstall the existing BT Virus Protect given it just quits when you try to run the un-installer?

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Re: MacOs 11 compatibility with Virus Protect

Yes,  but I uninstalled my version of virus protect and re-downloaded  from the BT web site and received the same (old version) version of McAffee ie the non OS 11 compliant version.  That was 2 days ago.  It may have changed since then of course and I will try again later.  Thank you for the feedback.

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