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Master socking 5c and the flashing purple light

recently we have moved to a new house and I fool my order via bt website: Fiber 2
High-speed fiber broadband.

The problem is that the day of the router has arrived and it has activated the signal, but the purple light is still persistent and flashing.
I don't know where to turn anymore, live chat is off. The calls are not answered to the number they offer. I need an engineer to come and check the wiring to see if they are in order.

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Re: Master socking 5c and the flashing purple light


Is your phone line working?

If its a new provision which does not work, then ring BT on 0800 800 150, and request a visit.

Its a good idea to check at the test socket first, like this.

You need to connect things up as shown below, and see if you get a connection.

NTE 5C Test socket checkNTE 5C Test socket check

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Re: Master socking 5c and the flashing purple light

The problem is that we have recently moved. We do not have a phone at hand to check. And the cables are like this in the socket. I don't know if something is wrong. And I don't know where to call for someone to come look. I don't want to touch anything and break it

I am attaching two photos of the socket wiring in case they are misplaced and someone can help me

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Re: Master socking 5c and the flashing purple light

wiring looks like you would expect  blue/blue/white is main incoming phone connection and the orange/orange white is connecting to an extension socket  you need to use the master socket and ensure faceplate is securely in place as only clips on

you really need to get or borrow a phone to test your line for dial tone - no dial tone  means no internet

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