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Re: My broadband has slowed down

have had openreach round

no fault found


however he wasnt allowed inside to check master socket so still back to sqare one 

now massive buzzing and crackling noise when raining from the master test socket


now awaiting another call


thank heavens for BT Hybrid Connect!!! other there would be mutiny in the mikkster household with no xbox live and netflix etc LOL 



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Re: My broadband has slowed down

Do you also get the line noise when you use the test socket with a filter?


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Re: My broadband has slowed down

I have a BT infinity master socket so no need for filters, I don’t own one now anyway - spoke to faults again and they are convnicned its  a BT issue.. so I’ll let them deal with it for now. 

they sent the wrong type of appointment round. They need to inspect the master socket etc which the engineer today wasn’t allowed to do.. 


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Re: My broadband has slowed down

My speed originally started at 55Mbps and is now at 22Mbps. Unfortunately I cannot do anything about this as openreach have not closed a house move order for 5 weeks and this is stopping me ordering fibre2.
Apparently the order has been escalated 3 times and on the 4th I decided to enquire with Vodafone
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Re: My broadband has slowed down

use its better than bt in my opinion
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Re: My broadband has slowed down

The engineer came today


There was a very unobvious small chew bite on the outside cable which basically looked like a rat had tried to chew.( no other explanation- I have no pets etc) Was unobvious until you went in closely. Was rejoined and new pairs etc etc.  

I asked the engineer if I was going to be charged he said no. But I'll await my next bill.. 

Broadband now working fine and back to my original speeds on around 30Mg  and landline crystal clear again. 

Been told full fibre will be in my area within next two years so that was music to my ears. 


Thanks for all the help.

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