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New BT package - cancelling existing ISP


I've just ordered a new BT Fibre 1 + Entertainment /Sky Cinema package.

I'm also an existing BT phone customer.

Will BT arrange for my existing TalkTalk internet connection to be cancelled ? 

TalkTalk phone lines are jammed and I can't get through to cancel.  I have an address I can write to but email would be a lot more straightforward if I could find an email address.

Can anyone help ?


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Re: New BT package - cancelling existing ISP

Yes BT should contact TalkTalk and arrange the move.

See link

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Re: New BT package - cancelling existing ISP

If you pay BT for line rental and TT separately for broadband, you must be on a legacy package with TT as for many years they have only offered broadband if you also took their line rental, plus they made many ‘offers’ to switch line sharing customers like you onto their ‘telephony’ network , presumably you refused their offers to switch you fully to them, but the migration process is now usually customers who take phone and broadband , not just one service, this may cause issues.
Normally you would expect to see a ‘sorry to see you leave’ communication from TT, the primary aim is to give you the chance to stop ‘slamming’, in other words a company moving you against your will or without your agreement, but it also serves in genuine migrations as confirmation the process is on if you get something from TT saying ‘bye’, great, if you don’t, you probably should get in touch with them.....
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Re: New BT package - cancelling existing ISP


Talk Talk's website say they have other contact methods during Covid-19.

as @iniltous said you may need to contact them to be sure.  They also have a support community as well.

Kind Regards
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Re: New BT package - cancelling existing ISP

Yes, I'm on a very old TT package which was transferred over from Pipex when they bought them out. BT must have contacted TT when I signed up to the package, as after only a couple of hours I got the 'sorry to see you leave' email from TT. So all is well here now. Impressed by BT so far, even though my package doesn't start for 2 weeks, I've already got access to NowTV and SkyCinema, which is a bonus.
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