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Now TV Activation

Hi, New to BT and the Community - not sure posting this in the correct board. It relates to my NOW TV activation. I have seen there is a long thread on the community (20 pages) on the subject and people with same issue.

I signed up for broadband and BIG Sport on 1st July - activation is end July.

I have however been unable to activate my NOW TV and clearly (per the above posts) this relates to the fact that I have a sky email address attached to my BT order as many others have experienced. Whilst I am unlikely to watch now TV via the App, I got it for access via TV I want to get it activated asap to avoid frustration down the line once my TV broadband comes on line. 

I know the moderators appear to have been helping all those with same problem - would very grateful if someone could help me get my NOW tv activated without having to cancel order and place another order with an non sky email address??




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Re: Now TV Activation

@JWS21 I would recommend you join the other thread and post your message there. One of the mods was very quick to get back to me and they called me back the same day. 

Having said that, my Now TV still is not working. The bloke who called said they were not able to do anything yet, as I've got an open order on it, which Customer Services opened in an attempt to fix the problem, that is supposed to close by the end of today.  I'm not convinced it will fix it by the end of today because it once again shows that Now TV activation is complete. But they are supposed to call back on Saturday with an update, so I'll see what happens.

I don't have access to the Now TV app or to any of the Sky Sports channels on my BT TV box either. I also signed up for the Big Sport package.

I'm also not wholly convinced that trying to use the same email address as my SkyID is causing the issue, because when I try to do a login on Now TV with that email address, it doesn't recognise it at all. So I suspect the Sky and Now TV platforms are sufficiently segregated for it to not be that. But I could be wrong.

My Sky services are due to end on Sunday, so I'll probably stay with Sky if this doesn't get sorted out by the end of this week.

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Re: Now TV Activation

Hi @JWS21 I'm sorry you've been unable to activate your Now TV app access, if it is an issue with the email address we should be able to amend the order and use an alternative email to work around this issue.

I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can send your details over to the moderation team and we'll be happy to help.



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Re: Now TV Activation

Nevermind! I see @NeilO is on it! Hopefully they are able to resolve it for you.

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Re: Now TV Activation

Hello @NeilO 

Could you help me with the same problem please?

I've ordered BT TV with NOW TV included.

I followed the link in my order tracking to activate my NOW TV account.

I used the same email address to access NOW TV that I use for my BT account AND my old SKY TV account. To make matters more complicated I already had an old NOW TV account with that email address, so I think this is the issue?

Kind regards,

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Re: Now TV Activation

Hi @kevindunstan,

Thanks for getting in touch. I'm sorry to see that it won't work for you.

It's best that we look into it for you. I've sent you a private message with some info that I need.

Thank you


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