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Now TV on BT TV Recording Question


I am considering recontracting to BT TV after a few years away.  I am aware that recording Now TV programmes via the supplied box is possible when subbing to them via BT.  However, I am trying to clarify if this applies to box sets from Now TV as well as ‘live’ broadcasts. 

I am in a rural location with awful bandwidth so anything which may take pressure off it is always appreciated! Watching downloaded or recorded shows is clearly a plus in this scenario. 

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I did do a search but came back empty handed. If I have missed a thread on this, apologies. 


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Re: Now TV on BT TV Recording Question

hi @mcewan71 

Linear TV channels ( ie live channel transmission) present in the EPG guide can be recorded.

Box sets on demand via Now Tv apps cannot be recorded. Now do allow downloads on some devices  typically IOS and Android mobile devices.

if you have low  broadband speed then you may be restricted in what BT TV options would be available to you,


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Re: Now TV on BT TV Recording Question

Thanks for this, that’s helpful. Generally, available bandwidth is adequate for up to HD streaming, but every little helps! 😁

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