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Prime video app on YouView BT box

Hi hi my prime video app on my 21000 BT box is very slow no I can't watch anything on it last night since it was updated to a different version it's been slow loading in that box the rest of the acts like Netflix NOW TV and so on on all ok fast you can get into them it's just the prime video app on this particular box on my 4K box it's fine the prime video app but not on my bedroom box do you know why my and has anyone had this problem with there 21000 boxs thank you .

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Re: Prime video app on YouView BT box

I had the same issue when Prime first launched. I kept getting a low bandwidth warning. I complained and BT sent me a 4K box. This then highlighted an issue with our old TV so I had to have a new TV purchase authorised by the boss 😆

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Amazon Prime crashing / slow

My Amazon Prime app seems to be running really slowly on my box and often crashes. It isn’t broadband speed as once working programmes play just fine and I have tested a fire stick in the same location and that works just fine.

I think it is since the app has been updated. Has anyone had this issue?

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Re: Amazon Prime crashing / slow

Mine is terrible since the update. Won’t auto play the next episode, impossible to move through the home page as it sticks or jumps to far. Very frustrating!

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Re: Amazon Prime crashing / slow

Glad it’s not just me!

does anyone know when an update for the app is expected?

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Re: Prime video app on YouView BT box

I logged in to check on this issue. I have a youview box (very new replacement from BT) and Amazon prime was working fine. However an update along has made the app work so slow responsive when loading and using the remote. The screen is black for a few seconds and then the key presses are delayed. I figured it was an Amazon update as the pin interface has changed. Before you could scroll around the back as it were (from 6 key press right to reach 1) but now that doesn't work. I'm surprised there are no other users reporting this issue. Or maybe we need to look at the Amazon Prime forum?  Once the program has loaded it plays well, but the s.l.o.w controls are as frustrating as an old windows pc. 

I have a LG TV and an older Sony Bravia TV.


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Re: Prime video app on YouView BT box

I see others are having this issue:

- ten seconds of blank screen when starting the prime video app within youview.

- remote delayed, slow, unresponsive when using the menu

- pin interface update poor; can no longer scroll cycle around the menu to jump from '6' to '1'.  Also, poor design in general.  Cannot secretly input buttons, so if someone else (a youngster) is in the room they can easily watch and memorise the pin.

- fast forward / rewind very jumpy; you may go back slowly, or jump back minutes.

Overall very poor update.  I am more inclined to chose another player rather than be frustrated with Prime at the moment.

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Re: Prime video app on YouView BT box

Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues with the Amazon Prime app on your BT TV box since the last update. I’ve raised this with the TV team who’ve confirmed they’re investigating the problem and working with Youview to address this with Amazon. We’ll update you when we get more information.



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Re: Prime video app on YouView BT box

Any update?I'm trying to watch a film in prime now and it's stopping on its own for a couple of mins then staring again I can't fast forward or rewind it just freezes then app crashes there must be an update by now??

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Re: Prime video app on YouView BT box

Any update on this it is driving me insane!

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