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Replacement Box?

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Hi there. 

Do BT still post out replacement boxes for faulty ones?

Mine developed a fault today whereby the same image is stuck flickering on the screen. You can hear the audio track of the channel but the box does not respond to inputs. 

No matter how many times you unplug and reset the box, when it reboots it some how recalls the same image. I rang BT and selected the TV help desk where after 15 mins a member of the FTTP team answered but said he could still help. He was very polite and helpful but seemed more interested in resetting my router and having me swap the port my TV box was plugged into to - which obviously achieved nothing. 

I've tried swapping the HDMI cable from my other working BT box and used different known working HDMI ports on the TV but the box somehow brings up the same image again 😭

The call handler ended up booking me a Qube engineer for Wednesday who won't likely be able to fix the problem and I'm not sure they carry spare boxes with them. 

Do BT not still send out replacement boxes for what clearly looks like a hardware fault which would arrive on Tuesday rather than me having to waiting for an engineer to tell me the same thing. 




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Re: Replacement Box?

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Qube and Enjoy engineers do carry replacements, if you're still a BT customer paying for BTTV then yes BT will replace the faulty box free of charge.

Just be mindful the replacement equipment will be on loan and need returned in the event you cancel BTTV.

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Re: Replacement Box?

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Ah if the Qube engineer has a replacement on the van that's not so bad. It's just BT has sent me a replacement via post in the past. 

I get my TV package at a reduced rate but we still pay for BT TV and hire the equipment just the same so should hopefully a free of charge swap on the day. Mind boggling how the box manages to display the same image even after having the power unplugged for several minutes and having a remote factory reset done. 


Thanks for the info 👍

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