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Slow connection speed


I don't have broadband with BT but my parents do and I wondered if you could offer any help and advice with an issue.

They are on a basic 40/10 FTTC service with BT and they were previously getting sync speed of 40Mbps down and about 7 Mbps up.

I noticed recently that their sync speed was low and the SNR margin was high, so I thought that perhaps the DLM had altered the line profile, possibly it had been tricked if they had switched the router on/off too frequently.

I asked them to leave the router permanently on for a few days to see if the speed adjusted back up, but after about 4 days no changes had been made. I switched their router off for a bit (about 2 hours maybe) and back on to see if it connected back up at a better rate but no change. It has now been connected for more than 8 more consecutive days and still no change.

I wondered if staff could check the line profile and see what might be going on. I have put their phone number in the private notes section of my forum profile.

Here are the DSL stats from the router:


BTHub DSL Stats 060821.jpg

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Re: Slow connection speed

If they have been constantly turning the hub off then that is why they've ended up on a banded profile due to DLM taking action.

4 days is no where near long enough for DLM to release banding. Look to 3 weeks or more. Your turning off the hub for a couple of hours won't have helped either. The main thing DLM will be looking for is a solid stable connection.

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Re: Slow connection speed

From the stats I think your parents have been switching hub off/on to often in short period of time and DLM hassle this as a lone problemandthey connection is  in a banded profile  unlike adsl the DLM can take 4 weeks not just 8 days on vdsl before the speed it likely to recover  s just need to try and maintain stab,e connection  with no resets

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Re: Slow connection speed


The main thing DLM will be looking for is a solid stable connection.

I completely understand that. I just thought it would start to make adjustments after about 2 or 3 days. I never imagined it would be weeks.

Personally I have always switched my router off while I'm out at work and switching on/off each day has never had any negative effect, though I am of course well aware that switching on/off too frequently can trick the DLM into thinking the line is bad, and taking what it thinks is appropriate action.

I've always wondered why they can't design a better system which can detect the difference between a router power down and a connection dropping due to noise/errors on the line. It doesn't seem logical to me that people should need to keep a router constantly powered on 24/7.


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