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Slow internet, but Fast speedtest

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I am a new customer amd  have fiber 2 broadband with smart hub 2 router. I have slow internet with real download speed between 1 to 8 MBs. However, when I run the speedtest, I get results of 63 MBs download which is actually not there while browsing or downloading. This happens from 2 or three different devices using wifi 5 Ghz  and ethernet cable and all are the same.

The engineer came and checked for any faults but there was nothing faulty. He also changed the master socet which also didn't work. He thinks that as long as tge speedtest is fine, so I receive that speed and everything is fine.

I read about some firewall filtering settings in the router but have no idea how to do it. I asked the customer service to do it but they told me they can't do it from there.

Does anyone have a clue for that? Please let me know in steps how to sort it out.

Thanks in advance 

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Re: Slow internet, but Fast speedtest

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Is it possible you are comparing  speeds on Megabytes and megabits ?

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Re: Slow internet, but Fast speedtest

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Thanks alot for your reply. I think this might be a good explanation. Even though, three customer service advisors and an indoor engineer have not pointed at.
So, if this is the case how much downloading speed in Megabytes do I expect out of these 63 Mbps?
Again thank you very much.
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Re: Slow internet, but Fast speedtest

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Hi @mohammedabolhasan  there are 8.192 megabits per second (mbps) in 1 megabyte per second (MB/s). So the theoretical maximum download speed would be 7.875MB/s on a 63mbps connection.

The download speed of a file is something BT do not have total control over, we can only provide you with a guaranteed sync speed and not download speed of a file as there are factors outside of our control, such as the server speed that you're downloading the file from.


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Re: Slow internet, but Fast speedtest

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That's fair enough
Thank you very much
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