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Slow speeds

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Past few weeks my net been acting weird and slow all a sudden, now i'v always complained to BT being slow as i paid for a 70-77mb speed when i first got it but only lasted a year, since then it always been 40-45mb for like 3-4 years now while still paying for the price of fiber 2 but for the speed of fiber 1.

Yes i checked all the wires. I got a filter. Had an engineer check last year and had change the socket. I use ethernet than wifi. I did change to a asus router last year to hope that help but tbh didn't do much. No it's not traffic as am up late at night and still get slow speeds.

Also.. i noticed everytime i pop on BT broadband the "pakage and speed" you pay changes everytime as if it auto detects your area speed making it look like your paying the best instead of everyone seeing the same while paying the same high price... is this even allowed?



Screenshot 2021-12-26 154249.png




Screenshot 2021-12-26 043743.png

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Re: Slow speeds

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Can you post connection stats from your router

Enter your phone number and post results

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Re: Slow speeds

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Nvm i fixed it somehow, turned off router and unpluged everything for a minute and seemed to reset itself back to the typical 45mbs speed.


Still miss the 70mbs but doubt that will ever get fixed in my area.

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