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Still unreliable...

Wow.  massive data loss...

So when i look at the online folder structure of my supposed backups via the web browner, i see that the vast majority of my BT Cloud sync backup has either disappeared altogether or been moved to the deleted items.  10s of GB that i wanted to keep are suddenly in the deleted items folder and 10s more have vanished altogether. 

i have then checked both my laptops BT Cloud folders and both are just a fraction of the size they were a week ago, and i have used neither in that time.... what the hell is going on?!?!?

Moderators i have tried to email you but i need urgent help with this, have lost absolutely loads of stuff....

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Re: Still unreliable...

Hi @GarethDrakes,

Thank you for posting. I've moved your comments onto their own thread.

I'm sorry if you data is missing. I've replied to your Private Message, if you reply with those details, I'll get my colleagues in the Cloud Team to investigate.

It does seem odd that the data has just disappeared. How many different devices do you access BT Cloud on? Could the missing data have been duplicates? 

Are you able to see the missing data in you log into your BT Cloud using the web version



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Re: Still unreliable...

I've noticed the same thing lately with a couple of big projects I'd recently backed up. Probably 20GB~ of data across multiple files, all contained within one subfolder. I fully uploaded the files to BT Cloud using PC#1, I verified the files were all there in the web browser interace to be absolutely sure.

I beleive the problem lies with selective folder Sync.

One of the reasons I want those files backed up in the cloud, is to free up local storage space, so, on a separate device (lets call it PC#2), when I turned it on, the BT Cloud desktop app started syncing automatically and began downloading those aforementioned big files. I didn't want this, so, on PC#2 (and while the app was partway through downloading these files) I deselected those folders via the the Sync>Make only the following folders available on this computer option in the BT Cloud Desktop app.

Sure enough, I checked a few days later, and the folders I'd chosen not to sync locally on PC #2 had mysteriously had their contents deleted on the BT Cloud web browser interface (and they were now gone on PC#1 too). The folder & subfolder structure was still there, but all the files were just gone. And this isn't the first time this has happened.

As it stands, you really cannot trust BT Cloud with anything important, those backups could have been the only copies I had (and they very nearly were).

While I haven't extensively tested it, it's my belief that deselecting specific directories/subdirectories in the Sync menu is bugged and is actually at some point after, deleting those files in error after the user chooses not to sync a folder on a secondary PC.

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Re: Still unreliable...

Hi @TinyBiscuit and thanks for posting.

I'm sorry you've lost some files. I'd like to get our Cloud guys to take a look at this for you if you wish. If that suits I'll drop you a private message now so you can get in touch.



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Re: Still unreliable...

Hi there

Exactly the same has happened to me. 25000 items i wanted to keep have appeared in the deleted folder!

I have started to restore them but its taking ages. There must be a quicker way.

Also I'd like to know why. These are valuable files I need to keep.

Hope you can help

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