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TP link Archer A7 vs Home Hub

Having got fttp installed I was wondering whether there would be value to getting a better router than the home hub. Where the wan connection is in my house means that i can’t cover the whole home with the hub and with the number of devices I have connected the hub + disk struggle with rooms that sit on the border between disk and hub signal getting slow Wi-fi. So I was thinking of putting in a 3rd party router to improve the situation, the Archer seems good value and well reviewed but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it and/or have any alternate suggestions.

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Re: TP link Archer A7 vs Home Hub

I have an A7 set up upstairs as Access Point. I hardwired the A7 to the SH2 downstairs and I connected my son's xbox, my other son's Nintendo switch as well as their pc's  to it. I wall mounted it in a storage cupboard next to the stairs. It's all working fine, no issues and because it is wired to the SH2 it gives me the full speed wired as well as wireless. It's in the cupboard so I'm not bothered with cable management... 😄

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