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Re: Unable to order Fibre 900 - ECI issue? FTTP

As you say,

"Also as I said before, which I’ve come across before you can’t do a SASA Reroute from one Head End Port to another as your OGEA Service is built off that one, the whole Service would need to be Ceased then for it to go to planning for a complete NAD Key Reset."

That is exactly the point, which will result in my service being on a Huawei head end. Job done. 

And no, this isn't a process. There isn't a process. Both the help team and I are happy with trial and error in an attempt to resolve this. If it all comes to nothing I have lost nothing, but if this works maybe the help team could note down the steps taken and help other customers, the OP of this thread and other visitors to this forum. 

I'm really struggling to understand your negativity with this as it really does not affect you. Please feel free to add helpful suggestions, but please also stop trying to put up reasons you believe this will fail, especially as all of your negative comments have been addressed in previous posts.

Thank you. 


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Re: Unable to order Fibre 900 - ECI issue? FTTP

You'd be surprised but @Starwire  knows more about Openreach processes than BT's FTTP sales team, at least I hope he does, he should do.😂

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Re: Unable to order Fibre 900 - ECI issue? FTTP

I'm sure he knows his stuff. The point here is we are trying new stuff. 

He would help more if he'd stop repeating all the problems within the order process we have already come across.

In trying to resolve this situation in some way, I have been on  slow broadband for nearly a month now (although I appreciate "slow" is very subjective - my 25mbps 4G link will be a dream for some) but it will be worth it even if I cannot eventually change my head end and attain a 900mbps service. 

I have tried. It has been interesting to learn. I will walk away happy.

Oh, and at some point, in X years time, the 300mbps max from ECI will be deemed too low, and Openreach will have to change out the head ends. Just a waiting game!


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Re: Unable to order Fibre 900 - ECI issue? FTTP

On a related note, my money would be on this:

Due to the massive disruption to customers that would ensue if the ECI head ends were changed AND all ECI ONTs had to be replaced to restore service, there would be another method.......

Openreach will contract a company (not necessarily one of the existing equipment providers) to manufacture an ONT which is compatible with their own up to date head end, but is ALSO BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE with ECI ONTs.

This new head end can then be migrated over during the early hours, and most users will never see the drop. From then on any faulty or damaged ECI ONTs would be replaced with the new "xyz" ONT, and anyone wanting over 300mbps would also have one fitted. Meanwhile all the old ECIs on 80mbps will sit happily until they die.

That is all a total guess, but it's what I reckon might happen. Might even be happening now, who knows?

Anyway, that's all kind of irrelevant to the original subject sorry!😁

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Re: Unable to order Fibre 900 - ECI issue? FTTP

Come across stuff like this many times, there’s rarely a ‘Positive’ outcome. 

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Re: Unable to order Fibre 900 - ECI issue? FTTP

"Come across stuff like this many times, there’s rarely a ‘Positive’ outcome. "

Not a reason to give up, in my opinion.

So, the latest update in this thrilling saga seems positive. I had my engineer visit yesterday, after a rescheduled appointment (Openreach seemed to be a little short of engineers just after Christmas, like every industry!) and all went to plan.

He put a visible light source (laser) on my end of the fibre, drove away to the splitter, found my fibre and as requested moved it over to another feed, which goes back to another head end, this one being Huawei.

He then reported that he had done this because there were no spares on the original routing back to the ECI head end available in the splitter.

My install has now gone back to BT for them to organise a reroute onto the route he has used. once this is complete, another appointment will be made for an engineer to fit and activate a Huawei ONT.

BT messaged me today to confirm the reroute is happening.

I think we are getting there. Perhaps within a week I'll be enjoying 900mbps. Quite a jump from my 25mbps 4G right now!

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Re: Unable to order Fibre 900 - ECI issue? FTTP

Just been going through similar, in that trying to upgrade to the 900mb product and although BT Openreach checkers says yes, BT said no.  After fact finding, the reason being I'm on ECI (street has both ECI & Hawaii) and ECI  is limited to max of 330. 

There is no simple process of requesting via BT to order an upgrade to 900 which includes moving from ECI to Hawaii (or Nokia as it new) so you constantly get bad information when phoning BT.  And if you do get reply from Openreach, they just say your property has fibre, contact your supplier!

Complained via email to the CEO's of both BT & BT Openreach as was not getting progression, Openreach re-directed complaint to BT as I'm their customer (BT is customer of Openreach).  Shall not mention any names, but had great help and service from a nice lady of the exec team who tried hard to find a solution but in the end the only one available was...

For current ECI service to be stopped in a way that removed ECI, as if you just cancel normally the fibre just stays connected to the ECI equipment, so all check or new service in future will still be limited to 330.

Wait X amount of weeks (Not time frame but would be weeks!) until ECI was no longer on my line, then raise new service to get new routing to a Huawei head at the exchange.

I was offered to be on the 4G dongle until all this got sorted, so no loss of internet, trouble for me was the signal is poor resulting in a very low speed, and as currently working for home and moving large files daily, this was not an option at this time.

So we have left it as is for 3 months to see if any movement happens within Openreach, as I understand both BT and Openreach are now aware of the issues around ECI customers limitation.  So I'll check back in 3 months with my contact in the hope something has happened to make a move (ECI to Huawei) simpler and quicker .

FYI,  Seem the largest issue of ECI is in Cornwall, because it was rolled out here first, and then ECI went bust, but that is another story!!
Also understand, BT Cornwall employed a team who were trained up to do a ECI to Huawei swap, but this never happened!


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Re: Unable to order Fibre 900 - ECI issue? FTTP

BT Openreach does not exist, its just Openreach.


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Re: Unable to order Fibre 900 - ECI issue? FTTP

Okay thank you, will update and change BT Openreach to Openreach, hopefully everyone knows what I meant !
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Re: Unable to order Fibre 900 - ECI issue? FTTP

okay can't edit posts, so it is as is.

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