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Unable to watch PSG v Man City on new Google Chromecast

Hello, my husband has been unable to watch the Man City game tonight using the new google Chromecast (with google TV). My son has had no issues casting from his iPhone to an old 4K Chromecast Ultra. 

When my son is watching I get the following error code: VC011D

We then tested watching it when my son logged out and we got a different error code: LP103 (too many streams)

However, we seem to get both error codes no matter what we test  I don’t think there is much logic to it.

On occasions I was allowed to watch other games such as Liverpool with no issues  

we have both watched Man United matches together with no issues using the exact same setup but only tonight has there been issues. This is not the level of service I expect and I seriously hope this does not happen tomorrow.




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Re: Unable to watch PSG v Man City on new Google Chromecast

The VC011D error is because your device is struggling to play the BT Sport Ultimate (4k) stream. It's able to play the other matches as they're just on our HD channels.
There shouldn't have been any particular reason for your device to not be able to play those streams, but it was reporting that it didn't recognise the video format. I'm currently investigating why a small number of devices get into this state - a reboot usually fixes it.

For now, I can only make the following recommendations when you see VC011D (or VC011) again:
1. Quit the app by pressing back multiple times
2. Reboot the device
3. If it still fails after a reboot, use the Channels menu to watch the video in standard quality for now, but let me know and I'll try to get further information from your device (with your permission and assistance),

The LP103 error is most likely being caused by a failure to end the stream properly before trying to play it again. This should clear itself after 5 minutes.
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Re: Unable to watch PSG v Man City on new Google Chromecast

Hello, thank you for your speedy response!

So we did turn the device on and off as well as logging out, closing the app and logging back in again. 

Sadly, we still got the same errors. 

Is there an update yet on using Google TV and casting ? I know there are issues in Google’s side. We tried to test casting to it instead but realised this is turned off.

You have permission to view anything you need, just would really like to watch United tonight with no issues. 


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Re: Unable to watch PSG v Man City on new Google Chromecast

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to get any further details from you specifically today - it's a bit of a slow process trying to diagnose/fix issues like this.
The only things I can suggest specifically today would be a factory reset of the device, and then also testing it when connected to a different TV - something is causing the device to fail to decode the video, but I don't get any more detail than that at this point.
I'm currently at the airport, heading on holiday for 3 weeks - I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to progress this any further until I'm back. Sorry.
No update from Google on the Chromecast issue yet I'm afraid.
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