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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Any updates?, as I think everyone would like this to be sorted rather then later, everyone who’s been affected should get the number of months they’ve payed for back as many people wanted to watch on their ps5 but thank you for doing your best @DarrenDev 

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

The update is that it's still be in beta.  We've had lots of positive feedback so far, but also a few people have raised issues.  We won't release it to everyone until it's fully ready, as although it'd make things better for the 2.5% of customers experiencing VC019, it'd currently make things worse for everyone else.

You're welcome to join the beta if you'd like - just send me a DM and I'll provide instructions.

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Is this beta still available?

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

The beta is still available, and has today been updated with fixes for some of the issues reported so far.

I believe I've now replied to all those who have emailed or DM'd me.  If you have yet to receive instructions for the beta  and would like to help us, then please send me a DM or email (

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Hi could you send me this please
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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Questions for everyone affected by this VC019 issue on PS5: who is your broadband provider, and what internet router are you using?

Having this beta set up is allowing us to more easily filter out this specific issue compared to the general noise of poor connections, and it's highlighted something interesting - we believe that almost every customer using the beta is on Sky broadband.

We're currently investigating the possibility that there's a connectivity issue between Sky and our live content servers, or possibly something that the PS5 doesn't like about the router supplied by Sky.

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

I’m on sky as well

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Hi Darren


So the ISP that I am having the error with is on Sky Broadband but when I took my PS5 back home for Christmas and hooked it up to the House WIFI (Using BT Internet) I had no issues with the app at all so it seems, at least for me it's an ISP specific with Sky Broadband (I'm using their latest homehub as well) issue. 

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

Also Sky

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Re: VC 019 PS5 error

We're reaching out to Sky on this one for help, but one thing we'd really like to eliminate quickly is DNS.  I'd appreciate if some of you could give this a try:

From the PS5 Home Screen

  1. Settings -> Network -> Settings -> Set Up Internet Connection - You should see your currently connected network
  2. When focused on your connected network, hit the Options button on the controller (the hamburger button)
  3. Select Advanced Settings -> DNS Settings
  4. Change from Automatic to Manual
  5. Set Primary DNS to
  6. Set Secondary DNS to
  7. Select OK at the bottom right of the screen

The network will reconnect and will use Google for DNS instead of Sky.

Check whether the issue on PS5 goes away.

If anyone has already tried this from a Sky broadband connection and confirmed that the VC019 issue didn't go away then that feedback would also be appreciated.

You can provide results by posting on here, sending me a DM, or emailing

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