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Very slow upload, slow download.


I've had an open fault for a month now. I had a steady service on Fibre 1 (c.7 up / 40 down) for 3 years but one day my line dropped, I reported fault. Broadband came back and was fine but phone line remained dead. The phone line was reconnected and from then I've had upload speeds under 1mbps and download of 20mbps, I also get ping spikes. 

I've had a new fault open for about a month. Several engineers have been out, including into my house. They can't find a problem with the line. I have no extension or other internal wiring at all. 

BT fault tracker is aware of the problem and I should have been contacted 'within 48 hrs', that was a week ago, it's also the third time I've not been contacted on this fault. I'm losing a bit of faith in fault tracker, so thought I'd try here!


I've not reset the connection so not sure why its only been up 36 hours. I've done a quiet line test and can't hear anything. 


Thanks for any advice in advance.

LProduct name:

BT Hub 6A

Serial number:


Firmware version:


Firmware updated:


Board version:


Gui version:


DSL uptime:

1 Days, 10 Hours 1 Minutes 1 Seconds

Data rate:

597 kbps / 22.04 Mbps

Maximum data rate:

693 / 25956

Noise margin:

6.2 dB / 6.1 dB

Line attenuation:

38.3 dB

Signal attenuation:

23.9 dB / 38.3 dB





Latency type:

Fast Path

Data sent / received:

574 MB Uploaded / 13 GB Downloaded

Broadband username:

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Re: Very slow upload, slow download.

have you read this thread which may be your problem

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Re: Very slow upload, slow download.

Thanks for the reply. I hadn't seen that post but it seems a possibile cause, although I'm not yet willing to gamble buying a new router on it. I would have hoped BT might have spotted that in the fault tracker process rather than send out multiple engineers.

Hopefully it improves as its making working at home very challenging. 

Thanks again. 

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Re: Very slow upload, slow download.

I don't think that was the problem, I tried an old router with different firmware, linr attenuation came down to 22dBs but no speed improvement. 

I'm at a loss. I might wait a bit longer to see if BT ever do contact me!

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